2017-18 General Catalog

201 Humanities
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Faculty and Professional Interests


Jonathan F. Beecher, Emeritus

David Brundage
American immigration history, with particular focus on the Irish in America and on transnational immigrant politics; U.S. labor and social history; modern Irish history

Edmund Burke III, Emeritus

Pedro G. Castillo, Emeritus

Mark Cioc
German history, modern European history, environmental history

Nathaniel Deutsch
Modern Jewish history; Eastern European Jewish culture; ethnography, Hasidism; history of religions

Dana Frank
Late 19th- and 20th-century U.S. social history, including women's, labor, and working-class history, race and ethnicity; modern Honduras; U.S. history in transnational perspective

Lisbeth Haas
U.S.-Mexico borderlands and border studies, Chicano and Native American history; visual culture in the colonial Americas; California; historical memory, theory, and historical methodology

Charles W. Hedrick Jr.
Greek and Roman history

Gail B. Hershatter
Modern Chinese social and cultural history; labor history; gender history; history of sexuality; feminist theory; history, memory, and nostalgia

Emily Honig
Gender, sexuality and ethnicity in modern China; comparative labor and urban history

Peter Kenez, Emeritus

Bruce Levine, Emeritus

Gary B. Miles, Emeritus

Eric Porter
Black cultural and intellectual history; US cultural history and cultural studies; critical race and ethnic studies; popular music and jazz studies; black radicalism; urban studies

Buchanan Sharp, Emeritus

Tyler Stovall
Modern France, modern Europe, labor history, urban history, transnational history, colonial and post-colonial history, history of the African diaspora

David G. Sweet, Emeritus

Mark Traugott, Emeritus

Marilyn J. Westerkamp
Colonial and revolutionary America; the Atlantic World; early modern cultural and religious history; U.S. religious history; gender studies; history of the body

Associate Professor

David Henry Anthony III
African and African American history, art, music, literature, and cinema; eastern and southern Africa; African vernacular expression; Black Atlantic; Indian Ocean world; African and African American linkages; Islamic civilization; African diaspora studies; African Sufism; African religion; missiology, liberation theology; world history

Noriko Aso
Japanese social, intellectual, and cultural history, material culture, colonialism, nationalism, gender, race and ethnicity

Alan S. Christy
Early modern and modern Japan; history of social sciences, colonialism, nationalism; Okinawa

Grace Peña Delgado
The history of trafficking, white slavery, immigration, Mexico-US-Canadian borderlands, Asian diaspora, modern Mexico, Chicanx and Latinx history, gender and sexuality

Maria Elena Diaz
Atlantic world, Colonial Latin America and the Caribbean, Cuba; social and cultural, global and local histories; colonialism, slavery and freedom, race/ethnicity, gender and class; legal, political, popular, and religious culture

Minghui Hu
Early Modern China; Chinese intellectual history; history of science, technology, and environment in China

Catherine A. Jones
U.S. civil war and Reconstruction; slavery and emancipation; women and gender; children and childhood

Amy Lonetree
Indigenous history; museum studies; public history; and Ho-Chunk tribal history

Marc Matera
Britain and the British Empire; Modern Europe; world history; Atlantic World; western Africa; African diaspora studies; colonialism; race/ethnicity, gender, and sexuality

Matthew D. O'Hara
Colonial and modern Latin America; Mexico; religion; race, ethnicity, and identity; political culture; history of time

Gregory O'Malley
Slavery and the slave trade; the colonial Americas; the Atlantic World; race, ethnicity, and encounters; Native American history; revolutionary America

Cynthia Polecritti
Medieval, Renaissance, and Modern Italy, urban and cultural history, ritual and popular devotion

Alice Yang
Historical memory, Asian American history, gender history, race and ethnicity, 20th-century U.S., oral history

Assistant Professor

Benjamin Breen
Atlantic history, early modern Iberia, Portuguese imperial history, British imperial history, history of science and medicine, history of globalization, early modern world history, digital history

Muriam Davis
Middle East/North Africa, France, colonial and post-colonial history, critical race studies, environmental history, development studies

Jennifer Derr
Colonial and Post-colonial Middle Eastern history; Egypt; agricultural and environmental history; Ottoman history; spatial politics; African history; Islamic history; history of science; history of medicine

Alma Heckman
Jewish History in North Africa and the Middle East; minorities in empire and colonialism; nationalism and radicalism; transnational Jewish political activism; syncretism; labor history

Maya Peterson
Russian and Soviet history; environmental history; comparative empire; colonialism; global exchanges of scientific knowledge and expertise; technology transfer; historical geography, spatial history and mapping, Central Asia; Silk Roads

Juned Shaikh
Modern South Asian social and cultural history, urban history, labor history, history of caste, Dalit studies, intellectual history, development studies, social theory, and agrarian studies

Elaine Sullivan
Pharaonic Period Egypt; Greek and Roman Egypt; women and gender; material culture; ritual landscape; 3D modeling and 3D GIS; Digital Humanities and the use of emerging technologies in studying the ancient world


Gildas Hamel, Emeritus

Matthew Lasar
U.S. and international political, social, and economic history; broadcasting and telecommunications

Jennifer K. Lynn
Later Roman Republic and Principate; Homeric epic; Hellenistic and Augustan poetry; women in the ancient world

Bruce Thompson
European intellectual and cultural history, Jewish intellectual and cultural history, French history, British and Irish history, history of cinema, history of espionage and intelligence, urban history, and environmental history

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Bettina Aptheker (Feminist Studies)
Feminist oral history and memoir; feminist pedagogy; African-American feminist history; queer studies; feminist Jewish studies; feminist critical race studies

Christopher Connery (Literature)
World literature and cultural studies, globalism and geographical thought, the 1960s, Marxism, pre-modern and modern Chinese cultural studies, cultural revolution

John Dizikes, Emeritus (American Studies)

Barbara L. Epstein, Emerita (History of Consciousness)

Sharon Kinoshita (Literature)
Mediterranean studies; medieval francophone and Mediterranean literature;  the global Middle Ages; literature, translation, and empire; postcolonial and globalization theory; Marco Polo; world literature and cultural studies

Paul M. Lubeck, Emeritus (Sociology)

Daniel Selden (Literature)
Afroasiatic languages and literatures, Greek and Latin, Hellenistic culture, the classical tradition, history of criticism, literary theory

Associate Professor

Gabriela Arredondo (Latin American and Latino Studies)
Migration histories, Latina/o studies, and Chicana/o history; U.S. social history; critical race and ethnicity theory; feminist Chicana and Mexicana histories; “borderlands” studies; history of modern Mexico

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