2017-18 General Catalog

4111 McHenry
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Faculty and Professional Interests


Robert Boltje
Group theory, representation theory, algebraic number theory

Bruce N. Cooperstein
Groups of Lie type, incidence geometry

Samit Dasgupta
Algebraic number theory, arithmetic geometry, special values of L-functions

Chongying Dong
Infinite-dimensional Lie algebras and their representations, conformal field theory

Torsten Ehrhardt
Functional analysis, Operator theory, Random matrix theory, Banach algebras, Wiener-Hopf factorization, Toeplitz and Hankel operators

Viktor Ginzburg
Global analysis, symplectic topology; Hamiltonian dynamical systems, Poisson geometry, symmetries, and group actions

Debra Lewis
Geometric Hamiltonian mechanics, geometric integration, bifurcation theory, applications of variational methods, control theory

Richard Montgomery
Celestial mechanics, differential geometry, gauge theory, mechanics (quantum and classical), and singularity theory

Jie Qing
Nonlinear analysis, harmonic analysis, partial differential equations with applications to differential geometry, mathematical physics

Hirotaka Tamanoi
Algebraic topology, string topology, topological quantum field theory, mathematical aspects of string theory

Anthony J. Tromba
Global nonlinear analysis, calculus of variations, minimal surfaces and Plateau’s problem, Riemann surfaces

Associate Professor

Martin H. Weissman
Representation theory, automorphic forms, number theory

Assistant Professor

Daniel Cristofaro-Gardiner
Symplectic and contact geometry, pseudoholomorphic curve theory, gauge theory, combinatorics

Longzhi Lin
Geometric analysis and geometric partial differential equations

Francois Monard
Inverse problems in partial differential equations and integral geometry, with applications to imaging sciences; explicit inversions and their numerical implementation

Beren Sanders
Algebra and topology: triangulated categories, stable homotopy theory, algebraic geometry, and representation theory

Junecue Suh
Number theory and arithmetic algebraic geometry


Ralph H. Abraham

Nicholas Burgoyne

Arthur E. Fischer

Marvin J. Greenberg

Al Kelley

Edward M. Landesman

Geoffrey Mason

Tudor S. Ratiu

Maria Schonbek

Marshall Sylvan

Harold Widom

Teaching Professor

Frank Bäuerle


Nandini Bhattacharya

Mark R. Eastman

Edward Migliore

Richard R. Mitchell

♦ ♦ ♦

Daniele Venturi (Applied Math and Statistics)
Uncertainty Quantification (UQ) and computational probability, multi-fidelity stochastic modeling and data-driven stochastic multiscale mathematics, numerical analysis and high-performance scientific computing, probability density function methods for forward and inverse UQ problems, Mori-Zwanzig approach to dimension reduction and uncertainty quantification, functional differential equations

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