Biological Sciences: Ecology and Evolutionary Biology


2017-18 General Catalog

Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Department
A308 Earth and Marine Sciences
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EEB Program StatementEEB Course Descriptions

Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Faculty and Professional Interests

Suzanne Alonzo
Sexual selection, social behavior and the evolution and ecology of reproduction

Giacomo Bernardi
Fish biology, phylogenetics, evolution

Mark H. Carr
Marine ecology, applied marine ecology

Daniel P. Costa
Physiological ecology of marine mammals and birds

Donald Croll
Ecology and conservation of islands and seabirds

Jim Estes
Marine sciences, community ecology, species interactions

Laurel R. Fox
Terrestrial population and community ecology, plant-animal interactions

Kathleen M. Kay
Plant evolutionary ecology

A. Marm Kilpatrick
Disease ecology, population biology

Kristy Kroeker
Global change biology, community ecology, applied marine ecology, climate change, ocean acidification, multiple stressors

Bruce E. Lyon
Behavioral ecology, evolutionary ecology, avian ecology

Rita Mehta
Comparative marine physiology

Eric P. Palkovacs 
Freshwater ecology, eco-evolutionary dynamics, fisheries and fish ecology

Ingrid M. Parker
Plant ecology,  plant-pathogen interactions, biological invasions  

Jarmila Pittermann
Plant physiology

Grant H. Pogson
Molecular population genetics, ecological genetics, marine invertebrates and fishes

Donald C. Potts
Coral reef ecology, genetics, evolution, and geological history; marine biodiversity; tropical biology, global change, and remote sensing

Peter T. Raimondi
Marine ecology, evolutionary ecology, experimental design, applied ecology

Beth Shapiro
Evolutionary and molecular ecology, ancient DNA, genomics, pathogen evolution

Barry Sinervo
Animal behavior, evolution, physiological ecology

John N. Thompson
Coevolution, evolutionary ecology and genetics of species interactions, organization of biodiversity

Terrie M. Williams
Large mammal physiology, bioenergetics, exercise and environmental physiology

Erika Zavaleta
Biodiversity and global change, biological invasions, terrestrial plant and ecosystem ecology, human ecology, conservation science

Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Emeritus Faculty

William Jackson Davis
William Doyle
Lynda J. Goff
Ralph Hinegardner
Jean Langenheim
Burney LeBoeuf
Charles (Leo) Ortiz
A. Todd Newberry
John Pearse

Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Lecturers

Robin Dunkin

Baldo Marinovic

♦ ♦ ♦


Catherine Burns (Environmental Studies)
Conservation biology, mammals, birds, population and community ecology

Claudio Campagna (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology)
Marine conservation; species conservation, philosophical aspects of nature conservation

James Estes (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology)
Marine sciences, community ecology, species interactions

Samantha Forde  (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology; Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation)
Experimental evolutionary ecology

Winifred Frick (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology)
Population ecology, conservation biology, ecology and behavior of bats

Steven Haddock (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology; MBARI)
Bioluminescence, biodiversity and molecular phylogenetics of deep-sea and open ocean gelatinous zooplankton

Elliott Hazen (NOAA/NMFS/SWFSC; Adjunct Faculty, Duke University Marine Lab)
Marine ecology, birds and mammals, conservation biology: focusing on predator-prey dynamics and their response to environmental variability and global change

Joseph Merz  (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology; Cramer Fish Sciences)
Relationships between aquatic species and their environments and the effects of anthropogenic influences on those relationships.

Stephan B. Munch (NOAA Southwest Fisheries Science Center, Stony Brook University) 
Population and ecosystem dynamics, contemporary evolution of life histories, transgenerational thermal plasticity

Devon Pearse (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology; NOAA Fisheries Service’s; Southwest Fisheries Science Center)
Evolutionary and ecological genetics, conservation biology

Martin Quigley (UC Santa Cruz Arboretum)
Landscape ecology, botany, horticulture

Luiz Rocha (California Academy of Sciences)
Fish ecology, systematics and evolution

Bernie Tershy (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology)
Ecology and conservation of seabirds and island ecosystems

M. Tim Tinker (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology; Western Ecological Research Center, USGS)
Foraging ecology and demography of the southern sea otter

Kerstin Wasson (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology; Elkhorn Slough National Estuarine Research Reserve) 
Evolutionary ecology, invasion biology, conservation science


Greg Gilbert (Environmental Studies)
Disease ecology, conservation biology, tropical forest ecology, microbial ecology

Karen D. Holl (Environmental Studies)
Restoration ecology, conservation biology, landscape ecology

Paul L. Koch (Earth Sciences)
Isotope biogeochemistry, vertebrate paleontology

Raphael Kudela (Ocean Sciences)
Ecological modeling and remote sensing, satellite oceanography, phytoplankton ecology and harmful algal blooms

Marc Mangel (Applied Mathematics and Statistics)
Mathematical modeling of biological phenomena, especially the evolutionary ecology of growth, aging, and longevity; quantitative issues in fishery management; mathematical and computational aspects of disease

Christopher Wilmers (Environmental Studies)
Population and community ecology; wildlife conservation; predator-prey dynamics; climate change impacts on biodiversity.

Jonathan Zehr (Ocean Sciences)
Aquatic microbial ecology, biological oceanography

Departmental Affiliated Researchers

Kristen Ruegg
Evolutionary biology and conservation genetics

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