FAQs for Students: Student Enrollment

NOTE: Check your schedule on MyUCSC before the third week of classes to make sure that you are enrolled in the classes you are attending, that you have dropped any class you are not planning to attend, and that the grading option you want (graded or pass/no pass) appears on your schedule.

Q: What is my Validation Appointment?[show]

A: Your Validation Appointment allows you to check that you have met the prerequisites for a class and whether time conflicts or other registration issues exist before your enrollment appointment. Validation does not guarantee enrollment in a course.

Q: What is MyScheduler?[show]

A: MyScheduler is a tool to help you avoid time conflicts. Select the the MyScheduler link for more information.

Q: How do I enroll? [show]

A: Log in to MyUCSC. For detailed help, the following documents (with screen shots) are available:

Q: There is a hold on my enrollment. What can I do to clear it? [show]

A: Log on to MyUCSC and go to My Student Center, then select Search for Classes to get to the Class Search. Holds are displayed on the right. Select “Details” to find information regarding the hold and how to get it released.

Q: How do I change my grading option? [show]

A: For information on grading, visit FAQs for Students: Grading.

Q: What are permission numbers? [show]

A: Permission numbers override course requirements and/or a closed status of a class. They are required for interview only/instructor consent classes. During fall, winter, and spring quarters, permission numbers are required for all classes, except individual studies, on the eighth day of instruction.

Contact the instructor or department associated with the class to request a permission number. Distribution of permission numbers is subject to department and/or instructor discretion. During the Summer Session, permission numbers are only used to overide course requirements and you can contact summer@ucsc.edu until the add deadline for each session.

If you have obtained a permission number, you can enter it into your enrollment request as shown in Step 10 in How to Enroll in a Class.

Q: I have taken the required prerequisites for a course at another institution, yet I am unable to enroll for the class. What should I do? [show]

A: Contact the department or college offering the course.

For newly admitted students taking summer classes before your first fall, send your unofficial transcripts or proof of prerequisite to summeredge@ucsc.edu.

Q: I am getting an enrollment error message that says the prerequisites have not been met, but I believe that I have fulfilled the prerequisites. What do I do? [show]

A: Review the prerequisites, co-requisites and other restrictions for the class in the Class Search and confirm that your student record reflects satisfaction of all requisites. If there is still a perceived problem, contact the Office of the Registrar, or summer@ucsc.edu for summer classes.

Q: I am unable to enroll in a class that is open because all of the mandatory sections are closed. What should I do? [show]

A: Contact the department that is offering the class.

Q: Is it possible for an instructor to drop a student from a class? [show]

A: Yes, students who do not attend the first class meeting may be administratively dropped at the instructor's request. View your schedule via your Student Center to confirm your enrollments prior to the Add/Drop/Swap deadline.

Q: I am trying to enroll in a class, but the time conflicts with another class or section. What should I do? [show]

A: You may be able to resolve the problem by swapping to a different secondary section, lab, studio, etc. offered at another time.

If you are unable to resolve the conflict by swapping, contact the instructor of the class to learn whether you will be permitted to leave class early or show up late. If given permission, during the fall, winter, and spring quarters contact the Office of the Registrar. For Summer Session courses, email summer@ucsc.edu. We will override any time conflict if you have worked it out with the instructor. We do not require written verification.

Q: How do I view my Placement Exam scores? [show]

A: Viewing Your Score:
Scores can be viewed once they have been matched to your academic record and posted in the student portal at MyUCSC.
  • Log in to MyUCSC
  • Click on the "My Academics" tile.
  • Select "Test Scores" from the left side menu.
  • Click on the View All button at the top of the grid to see all of your official examination results.

Q: I missed the Add/Drop/Swap deadline. What should I do? [show]

A: You cannot drop a course but can submit a withdraw petition to withdraw from a course. Contact your college adviser before the withdraw deadline.

You may still add a class in fall, winter, and spring through the Add By Petition process. Submit the form to the Office of the Registrar by the Add By Petition Deadline. In summer, you may not add by petition.


Revised: 11/21/22