FAQs for Students: Grading

Q: How do I change my grading option? [show]

Q: Can I convert my Pass/No Pass grades into letter grades for a GPA based on my (performance) evaluations? [show]

A: The Office of the Registrar does not convert evaluations to a GPA. Institutions to which you are applying may calculate a GPA from your evaluations, if necessary. The official transcript explains the different grading policies and indicates students who are not eligible for a GPA based on year of admission. If you encounter problems because of an absent GPA, contact your College for assistance.

Q: How do I request an Incomplete grade? [show]

A: An Incomplete may be assigned at the instructor's discretion when work for a course is of passing quality but is not complete. Contact the course instructor prior to the end of the quarter to discuss the possibility of receiving an Incomplete grade.

Q: I received an Incomplete grade. What happens next? [show]

A: Undergraduates are allowed up to one quarter to complete and submit the coursework to the instructor. Graduate students are allowed up to one calendar year. See the Academic and Administrative Calendar for deadline dates. There is a $10 fee per course. Failure to file a petition by the deadline will result in the Incomplete grade lapsing to a F or NP, depending on the grading option in effect. Your instructor may require you to fill out a Petition for Removal of Incomplete.

Q: How do I check my grades or GPA? [show]

A: Log into MyUCSC and select the Student Center. In the Academics section, click Grades. Select the quarter you wish to view and click Continue.

Revised: 03/20/18