FAQs for Students: Residency

The following specific questions and answers are based on the assumption that the inquirer is a U.S. citizen or eligible Noncitizen. If you still have questions after reviewing this information, please contact the UCSC Residence Deputy at reg-residency@ucsc.edu.

The Residence Policy and Guidelines is the main source of residency information and is utilized by the campus residence deputy to make determinations regarding residency. Read the full text of the Residence Policy and Guidelines here.

Over the summer session, all students pay the same per-credit tuition fee regardless of legal residence.

Statement of Legal Residence Form

Q: What is the Statement of Legal Residence? [show]

A: The form used to determine if you will be assessed fees as an in-state student or an out-of-state student is called the Statement of Legal Residence, also known as the online SLR.

Q: Who must complete the Statement of Legal Residence (SLR)? [show]

A: New undergraduate and graduate students attending UCSC for the first time, as well as undergraduate and graduate students returning from an absence of two or more quarters.

Q: I am only attending for the summer. Do I need to complete the SLR? [show]

A: No. Students attending only for the summer at UCSC do not need to complete the SLR. During summer session, all students pay the same per-credit tuition fee regardless of legal residence.

Q: How do I complete the online SLR? [show]

A: Students required to complete the online SLR will be prompted by a request in their To Do List in the MyUCSC Student Center. Instructions will navigate you to the link where you will complete the online SLR.

Q: How do I know if my Statement of Legal Residence has been received by the Registrar’s Office? [show]

A: Upon submitting your online SLR, you will immediately see a confirmation.

Q: How long does it take to make a determination of my resident status? [show]

A: SLR is processed in the order received. During peak times, reviewing your SLR may take 4-6 weeks before you see an update.

Q: How will I be notified if additional documentation is required? [show]

A: If additional documentation is required, you will be notified in your To Do List or through an email sent to your UCSC email account.

Q: How do I submit documents to the Residence Deputy? [show]

A: You may share your documents through Virtru, a safe and secure data encryption service supported by UC Santa Cruz. First, notify the residence deputy at reg-residency@ucsc.edu that you need to share a document, and they will respond to the email with Virtru turned on and instructions for sharing your document.

Q: What if my parents are divorced or separated? [show]

A: You may be able to derive California status from a California resident parent if you moved to California to live with that parent on or before your 18th birthday. If you move to California after your 18th birthday, you may be eligible for instate tuition as a dependent of a California resident parent through the Condit exemption. You must be able to provide evidence that the California resident parent meets the U.C. residence requirements and that you are his/her dependent. This is typically documented by providing the most recent tax return indicating you have been claimed as a dependent, or by providing a court-ordered child support document.

Q: Who is exempt from the Nonresident Supplemental Tuition? [show]

A: There are several categories of students that can be exempt from payment of the Nonresident Supplemental Tuition. See Exemptions from Nonresident Supplemental Tuition.

Nonresidential Supplemental Tuition is not charged with Summer Session tuition. Everyone is charged the in-state per credit rate.

Q: Can I deliver my SLR or Petition in person and have the Residence Deputy review it in front of me? [show]

A: You can meet with the Residence Deputy during drop in hours:

WF 10-11 a.m.
MTTH 2-3 p.m.

Because of the time involved and the high volume of SLR forms and petitions received, the Residence Deputy may not have the time to fully review your form. Your form will be checked for missing information, missing dates, etc.

If you feel your residence situation is unique or would like consideration of a special circumstance, you are strongly urged to explain your situation in a statement attached to your form.


Revised: 12/01/22