• Pursue ongoing improvements to customer service for students, faculty, staff, and the public, e.g., customize communications, focus on options, streamline processes, empower autonomy and self-service.
  • Be proactive, solution-oriented, and mindful of the user perspective in adopting innovative solutions and technological improvements.
  • Support academic advising, including increased retention and graduation rates, by clearly communicating policies and procedures, and leveraging technology supporting enrollment and degree progress reporting.
  • Through training and resources, enhance understanding of the responsibilities for upholding the privacy of student records.
  • Strengthen support for diversity through awareness and decision making: e.g., in hiring, communication, campus partnerships, training.
  • Foster an environment for staff which supports continuous learning: e.g., about wellness, about improving skills (managerial, financial, analytical, supervisory, technical, communication, safety, career planning, etc.), about the campus community and the role of the Registrar's office.

Revised: 07/17/18