Staff Directory

Office of the Registrar

University Registrar

Business and Operations Manager



Enrollment, Academic Records, Performance (Narrative) Evaluations

Assistant Registrar

  • Marisa

    Marisa Herzog

    Enrollment and Records Adviser (A-Da)
    (831) 502-7180

  • Jennifer

    Jennifer Lingo

    Enrollment and Records Adviser (Db-Je)
    (831) 459-4682

  • Nancy Szemeredi

    Nancy Szemeredi

    Enrollment and Records Adviser (Jf-Mo)
    (831) 459-4976

  • Marianne Rebele

    Marianne Rebele

    Enrollment and Records Adviser (Mp-Se)
    (831) 459-2903

  • Cameo Moore

    Cameo Moore

    Enrollment and Records Adviser (Sf-Z)
    (831) 459-4977

Registration, Residency, and Veterans Services

Coordinator for Registration, Residency, and Veterans Services

  • Joanne Madril

    Joanne Madril

    Veterans, Residency, and Registration Adviser
    (831) 459-2910

Publications and Scheduling—Catalog, Schedule of Classes, Navigator, Classroom Scheduling

Associate Registrar

Systems Analysts

Associate Registrar

  • No image for Sharon Beaty

    Sharon Beaty

    Principal Analyst, Student Records
    (831) 459-2728

  • No image for Andrea Gilovich

    Andrea Gilovich

    Principal Analyst, Curriculum Management
    (831) 459-4313

  • Donald Moonshine

    Donald Moonshine

    Project Manager, Curriculum Management
    (831) 459-2749

  • No image for Kischka Bluspiro

    Kischka Bluspiro

    Senior Analyst, Curriculum Management
    (831) 459-4113

  • Linnae Davenport

    Linnae Davenport

    Senior Analyst, Academic Advising
    (831) 459-2129

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