FAQs for Students: Veterans

Q: I am a veteran student. How do I learn more about the education benefits I'm eligible for? [show]

A: Refer to the Federal and State Veterans education benefits pages for information.

Q: I am a veteran student. How do I register for classes at UCSC? [show]

A: All students must apply to attend UCSC. Please see the following web site to apply for the next fall term: Undergraduate: Undergraduate Admissions Graduate:  Division of Graduate Studies

Q: Will my course work from other college(s) I attended transfer to UCSC? [show]

A: The Office of Admissions can answer this question. UCSC cannot guarantee transferability of courses. When you apply, your coursework will be evaluated to determine which credits are transferrable. Please contact the Undergraduate Admissions office at admissions@ucsc.edu or (831) 459-4008. Division of Graduate Admissions at gradadm@ucsc.edu or (831) 459-5905.

Q: Is there a deadline for submitting my VA Forms? [show]

A: You cannot receive education benefits until you submit all required forms. Enrollments certifications (VA form 22-1999) are submitted electronically in the order forms are received.

Q: My class schedule has changed from when I first submitted the VA Enrollment Verification Form. What should I do? [show]

A: The Department of Veterans Affairs will only pay for approved classes that fulfill your graduation requirements. If your class schedule changed, you must submit a new VA Enrollment Verification form and submit it to UCSC Veterans Services office immediately. Please note that if you are approved at below full-time (12 units), you will receive benefits at a reduced rate. To view payment rates, refer to the GI Bill® web site.*

Q: I am changing my major. What do I need to do? [show]

A: You must submit your new Petition for Major/Minor declaration form and Academic Planning Form to UCSC Veterans Benefit Services Office as soon as you have officially declared your new major.

Q: I am eligible for the Post 9/11 GI Bill®* and a Cal Grant. Will I receive all my VA benefits? [show]

A: The Department of Veterans Affairs requires UCSC to report any fee-specific financial aid awards veteran for which students are eligible. Because the Cal Grant will pay the student services fee and tuition, these fees will not be reported to the VA as billed to the student. The VA will pay the remaining mandatory fees not covered by Cal Grant (e.g., campus fees, student health insurance).

Q: The Post 9/11 GI Bill is paying my tuition and fees. Do I still have to pay these fees by the registration deadline? [show]

A: No. Students receiving this VA benefit do not have to pay the registration fees. It is recommended that students pay their housing fees by the due date to avoid late charges.

Q: I'm living on campus housing. What do I do about the housing fees if I haven't received my benefits? [show]

A: It is recommended that you contact the Campus Housing Office to find out what your options are.

Q: Can I use my GI Bill education benefits while studying abroad? [show]

A: For all GI Bill® benefits except the Post 9/11 GI Bill: Yes, you can use your VA benefits as long as the courses count toward your degree.* There are a few extra steps involved. You will need a letter and signature from your college academic adviser approving that your classes will be transferrable to your UCSC transcript.

For Post 9/11 GI Bill® recipients: See this VA Study Abroad Fact Sheet to read all the policies and regulations on Post 9/11 for study abroad programs.

Q: I am a dependent of a veteran and have the Cal Vet fee waiver. Can I use it to study abroad? [show]

A: You can only use the Cal Vet waiver for study abroad if enrolled in UC’s EAP. It only qualifies for the UC’s tuition for the program; it does not cover program (travel, excursion, etc.) fees. After approved for EAP, you will need to submit a copy of your Cal Vet eligibility letter to the EAP office in Santa Barbara. This is the office that will assess charges and apply the fee waiver.

Q: I have a letter from the county VA office stating I am approved for the Cal Vet waiver. What do I do? [show]

A: Submit a copy of your Cal Vet eligibility letter to UCSC Veterans Benefit Services Office. You can submit this by scan and e-mail to vets_benefits@ucsc.edu or by fax to (831) 459-5051.

Q: Can my VA benefits pay the Summer Session fees? [show]

A: The Cal Vet Fee Waiver may only be applied to Summer Session fees if you are a continuing UC student. New fall admits can use their GI Bill for the preceding summer if the courses fulfill their degree requirements. UC students from another campus may use their GI Bill with a Parent School Letter agreement. Contact the UCSC VA Certifying Official for more information.

Q: I am considered a nonresident student and I have been approved to receive the Cal Vet fee waiver. Can I still use this waiver at UCSC? [show]

A: Even though a county office approved you for the Cal Vet fee waiver, you will not qualify to receive the waiver at UCSC if you are a nonresident student.

*GI Bill® is a registered trademark of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). More information about education benefits offered by VA is available at the official U.S. government Web site at https://www.benefits.va.gov/gibill.

Revised: 11/25/19