FAQs for Students: Undergraduate Part-Time Program

Q: If I cannot meet the requirements for the Part-Time Program, but want to take a reduced course load, do I need to notify anyone? [show]

A: Your college academic preceptor will need to approve your reduced course load; however, no reduction in fees will apply.

Q: Does the Part-Time Program affect my financial aid? [show]

A: Yes! In fall, winter, and spring, once your application has been approved, your financial aid package will be adjusted. If you are approved for the Part-Time Program after the quarter has begun, your aid package will be adjusted retroactively.

If you cancel your part-time status and enroll in a full-time course load at any time during the year, your aid will be revised only as funding permits. If you have questions about how the Part-Time Program affects your award, call the Financial Aid Office at (831) 459-2963.

In summer, there is no "part time" or "full time." Refer to the Financial Aid Office website for information on minimum credits for eligibility.

Q: What is the minimum number of credits a full-time student can take? [show]

A: The minimum enrollment for a full-time student is 12 credits in fall, winter, and spring. There is no minimum in summer since it is optional.

Q: I was billed as a full-time student. If I am approved for the Part-Time Program, will I receive a revised billing statement? [show]

A: No. Statements are generated on the last working day of each month. When your Part-Time Program application is approved, your adjusted fees will be viewable via MyUCSCOver the summer session there are no programs, all students are billed per-credit.

Q: How much do I have to pay by the deadline if I am applying for the Part-Time Program? [show]

A: If you file a Part-Time Program application before the registration fee payment deadline and your application is approved, you may pay the part-time fees as shown in the fees chart. Otherwise, pay the full registration fees by the deadline and if you are subsequently approved for the Part-Time Program, a refund will be sent to you. For payment plan information contact the Office of Student Business Services at (831) 459-2107 or see Student Business Services. Over the summer session there are no programs, all students are billed per-credit.

Q: How can I return to full-time status? [show]

A: If you intend to enroll in more than 10 credits or petition for credit, you must complete the Undergraduate Part-Time Cancellation. Once the form is received, you will be assessed the balance of the tuition (and nonresident tuition, if applicable), and you may enroll in up to 19 credits. The Financial Aid office will also be notified of your enrollment status change and your aid package may be revised as funding permits. Over the summer session there are no programs, all students are billed per-credit.

Q: If I take a leave of absence, will I still be in the Part-time Program when I return? [show]

A: In general, no. After a break in attendance, you must re-apply to the Part-Time Program with one exception: if you are in the program fall quarter and take a leave winter quarter, we will assume you plan to be part-time in the spring. Contact your college for more information about leave of absence.

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Revised: 12/01/22