FAQs for Students: Evaluations

Q: What is an evaluation? [show]

A: A performance evaluation is a description of the quality and characteristics of a student's performance in a course.

Q: How can I view my evaluations? [show]

A: Log on to MyUCSC, select the MyAcademics tile, and select Evaluations.

Q: I am missing an evaluation. What do I do? [show]

A: Effective fall 2009 for undergraduate students and fall 2010 for graduate students, evaluations are optional, and are completed at the discretion of the instructor. If you are missing a mandatory evaluation, contact the instructor.

Q: What if there is an error in one of my evaluations? [show]

A: If the error is a misspelling in your name or if you are referred to by the wrong gender, contact the Registrar's Office directly at nes@ucsc.edu. To correct any other error, contact the instructor and request a revised evaluation.

Revised: 10/26/17