FAQs for Students: Withdrawal

Q: I’m a currently enrolled student, but I am unable to complete the quarter. How do I withdraw from the university? [show]

A: For fall, winter, and spring quarters, you must file a Withdrawal/Leave of Absence (LOA) petition at your college office. If you have definite plans to return, you may request a leave of absence. If not, you should withdraw and plan to apply for readmission at your college office when you decide to return.

Over the Summer Session, students must manually drop or withdraw from their courses by the deadline. After the deadline, Request for "W" forms are considered for documented medical or other emergency reasons. Contact an advisor at your college if you would like to pursue this option.  

Q: If I need to withdraw during the quarter, what is the refund policy? [show]

A: See the schedule of refunds policy in The Navigator. For specific dates, see the Fee Refund SchedulesOver the summer, tuition is only reversed before the drop deadline.

Q: How does the college determine the effective date of withdrawal? [show]

A: As currently defined by UCOP and in accordance with federal financial aid policy, the effective date for determining a refund of fees or the adjustment of financial aid is the date the student notifies the college of his or her intent to withdraw.

Q: What is the withdrawal petition deadline in the Academic and Administrative Calendar? [show]

A: After the third week of the quarter you may Petition to Withdraw from a Course. You will receive a W grade if submitted before the 6th-week deadline, and a Not Pass (NP) grade if submitted between the sixth and ninth weeks of instruction. Dates and deadlines are listed in the Academic and Administrative Calendar. If there is a medical or emergency reason to withdraw from the course after the sixth week, students should discuss their options with the college advising office. Documentation is required for an emergency withdrawal from a course.

Information on requesting a W grade in summer classes is available here.

Q: What is the difference between withdrawing from the university and taking W grades in all my classes? [show]

A: Withdrawing from the university is a full withdraw from UCSC, and tuition may be refunded based on the Refund Schedule. After the sixth week of the quarter, an undergraduate may withdraw only for medical/emergency reasons. 

A Withdraw (W) or Not Pass (NP) grade is a grade posted to a specific course or courses. You do not receive credit for the course and the W/NP grades do not affect your GPA. W grades have an impact on academic progress. There may also be financial consequences for students receiving financial aid or Veteran’s benefits if they withdraw from UCSC or request W grades. The period for requesting a W/NP grade otherwise extends until the deadline published in the Academic and Administrative Calendar.

Q: Is there a financial consequence for taking all W grades? [show]

A: Opting for all W grades may result in a reduction in financial aid. Also, students who receive benefits from the Department of Veterans Affairs will have a reduction in quarterly benefits when the W grades result in less than 12 credits completed. Over the summer session, there are no tuition or campus fee refunds for taking a W grade.

Q: What is the Withdrawal Without Penalty deadline on My Class Schedule? [show]

A: It's an administrative date that indicates that if a student withdraws from the University on or before the last day of the term, no classes appear on the transcript for the term.

Q: Where can I read more about the withdrawal process and W grades? [show]

A: For more information about withdrawing from the University, see Withdrawal from the University. For W grades in fall, winter, and spring quarters, see Withdrawal from a Course. For W grades in summer, see more information here.

Revised: 12/13/22