FAQs for Students: Withdrawal

Q: I’m a currently enrolled student, but I am unable to complete the quarter. How do I withdraw from the university? [show]

A: You must file a Withdrawal/Leave of Absence (LOA) petition at your college office. If you have definite plans to return, you may request a leave of absence. If not, you should withdraw and plan to apply for readmission at your college office when you decide to return.

Q: If I need to withdraw during the quarter, what is the refund policy? [show]

A: See the schedule of refunds policy in The Navigator. For specific dates, see the Fee Refund Schedules.

Q: How does the college determine the effective date of withdrawal? [show]

A: As currently defined by UCOP and in accordance with federal financial aid policy, the effective date for determining a refund of fees or the adjustment of financial aid is the date the student notifies the college of his or her intent to withdraw.

Q: What is the withdrawal petition deadline in the Academic and Administrative Calendar? [show]

A: At UCSC after the sixth week of the quarter (the withdrawal petition date on the Academic and Administrative Calendar), students may withdraw only for medical/emergency reasons.

Q: What is the difference between withdrawing from the university and taking W grades in all my classes? [show]

A: After the sixth week of the quarter, an undergraduate may withdraw only for medical/emergency reasons. The period for requesting a W grade otherwise extends until the deadline published in the Academic and Administrative Calendar (see "Undergraduate withdrawal from a class ends.") W grades have an impact on academic progress. There may also be financial consequences for students receiving financial aid or Veteran’s benefits if they withdraw from UCSC or request W grades.

Q: Is there a financial consequence for taking all W grades? [show]

A: Opting for all W grades may result in a reduction in financial aid. Also, students who receive benefits from the Department of Veterans Affairs will have a reduction in quarterly benefits when the W grades result in less than 12 credits completed.

Q: What is the Withdrawal Without Penalty deadline on My Class Schedule? [show]

A: It's an administrative date that indicates that if a student withdraws from the University on or before the last day of the term, no classes appear on the transcript for the term.

Q: Where can I read more about the withdrawal process and W grades? [show]

A: For more information about withdrawing from the University, see Withdrawal from the University. For W grades, see Withdrawal from a Course.

Revised: 08/16/19