Voter Registration

Q: Why is UCSC involved with voter registration? [show]

A: The 1998 reauthorization of the federal Higher Education Act and the State of California Donahoe Higher Education Act include a requirement that higher education institutions make a “good faith effort” to make mail voter registration forms available to all enrolled students.

Q: Why do I see California voter registration on MyUCSC? [show]

A: Student e-voter Registration Act of 2007 requires that voter information be displayed at the time students enroll in classes. To assist with voter registration, we have provided links on the login page as well as a link under Student Records and Enrollment in your Student Center.

Q: Am I eligible to register to vote? [show]

A: In order to register to vote you must be a citizen of the United States, a resident of California, at least 18 years of age at the time of the next election, not be in prison or on parole for the conviction of a felony, and not deemed by an appropriate court to be mentally incompetent. You can preregister if you are older than 16 and you will automatically be registered once you turn 18.

Q: While in college and living away from home, where should I register? [show]

A: You can register to vote either at your address while in college, or at your hometown or parent’s address.  However, if you register at your hometown address and want to vote while attending college, you must remember to request an absentee ballot. Check with your county’s election board for the exact deadline.

Q: When is it necessary to reregister to vote? [show]

A: You need to reregister if you move, change your name, wish to change political party affiliations or if your signature has changed.

Q: I live on campus and use my college mailbox.  What is the correct way to complete the registration form? [show]

A: If you live on campus and plan to register to vote here, please use the following information to fill out your voter registration card or complete the online voter registration:

“Residence” Line is Where You Live On Campus—Note: add apartment where indicated because the district line goes through some college buildings and you cannot register you without a number.

Mailing Address is Where You Want Voting Materials Mailed—This is most likely your college mailing address and box #.

Here are some examples:



Rachel Carson College

356 Rachel Carson Rd.-3 Digit Box, Santa Cruz, CA 95064

College Nine–Room#–4 digit

702 College Nine Rd.-3 Digit Box, Santa Cruz, CA 95064

John R. Lewis College

710 John R. Lewis Rd.-3 Digit Box, Santa Cruz, CA 95064

Cowell College

501 Cowell Service Rd.-3 Digit Box, Santa Cruz, CA 95064

Crown College

628 Crown Rd.-3 Digit Box, Santa Cruz, CA 95064

Kresge College

510 Porter-Kresge Rd.-3 Digit Box, Santa Cruz, CA 95064

Merrill College

641 Merrill Rd.-3 Digit Box, Santa Cruz, CA 95064

Oakes College

231 Oakes Rd.-3 Digit Box, Santa Cruz, CA 95064

Porter College

411 Porter-Kresge Rd.-3 Digit Box, Santa Cruz, CA 95064

Stevenson College – Stevenson Col

551 Stevenson Service Rd.-3 Digit Box, Santa Cruz, CA 95064

#Dorm Crown-Merrill

620 Crown Rd.-3 Digit Box, Santa Cruz, CA 95064

Farm Project CASFF, 1156 High St. Santa Cruz, CA 95064
University Town Center 1101 Pacific Ave. #___

Q: How do I register to vote? [show]

A: Visit the County of Santa Cruz Elections website at or the new California Secretary of State’s online registration at

Q: When is the last day I may register to vote for an election? 

A: Although an eligible citizen may register to vote at any time, no person is eligible to vote unless they are registered on or before 15 days prior to the election. For more information regarding deadlines go to

Q: How will I find out where to go to vote? [show]

A: If you live in Santa Cruz County, you may find your polling location by visiting or calling the Santa Cruz County Elections Department at (831) 454-2060.

Q: I am interested in getting involved in a political organization on campus. What is available? [show]

A: There are several political organizations on campus. UCSC’s Voter Registration and Civic Engagement group is called Slugs Vote. It is located in the Student Union Assembly Office of External Affairs. For more information, visit the Student Organization Advising & Resources website, call (831) 459-5729, or email

Q: Where can I obtain more information about voter registration, voting and elections? [show]

A: Additional information can be accessed at the following web sites:

Revised: 12/02/22