Student ID Card Photos

Q: Are the student ID photos within MyUCSC considered public information? [show]

A: No. The student ID photo on the class roster is defined by UC Santa Cruz as confidential. This photo is intended to assist instructors and authorized staff in identifying students and is to be used for no further purpose.

Q: Who can see my student ID card photo? [show]

A: Student ID card photos can be seen by faculty using the faculty center class roster or by staff members with appropriate role-level security who have a business need to know.

Q: How do I replace my student ID card photo? [show]

A: Photos can be submitted through ID Card Services which is located on the second floor of the Bay Tree Bookstore building next to the Express Store.  Information regarding hours, phone, and additional services, may be found on the ID Card Services web site.

Revised: 12/01/22