FAQs for Students: Request a W or NP Grade

Q: How do I request a W or NP grade? [show]

A: You can request a W or NP grade from MyUCSC:

  1. After you log in, click on the Enrollment tile and select Drop. 
  2. Select the class from which you wish to withdraw, and click the Drop Selected Classes Button. 
  3. Confirm your selection and select the Finish Dropping button. This will automatically add the withdrawal (W or NP) to your record.

Q. If I'm enrolled in a class that has a lab or other required corequisite, can I withdraw or request a NP in just one of them?[show]

A. For example, if I'm enrolled in Physics 5A and the required lab Physics 5L, can I withdraw from just 5A and continue in the lab?

If you request a W or NP in a class with a required lab or other co-requisite, the W or NP will apply to both the class and the lab or other co-requisite. At the instructor’s discretion, you may choose to add one of the two back to your schedule through the Add By Petition process. You will be asked to indicate your grading option (graded or P/NP) on the Add By Petition form.

Revised: 09/03/21