Critical Race and Ethnic Studies

2017-18 General Catalog

415 and 416 Humanities 1
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Faculty and Professional Interests

Principal Faculty

Neel Ahuja, Associate Professor of Feminist Studies
Postcolonial feminist science studies, critical race theory, Asian American transnationalism, disability, species, environment

Neda Atanasoski, Feminist Studies
New media and film; critical race and ethnic studies; feminist theory; human rights and humanitarianism; war and nationalism; religion and secularism; post-socialist politics and culture in Central and Eastern Europe

Vilashini Cooppan, Literature
Postcolonial studies; comparative and world literature; literatures of slavery and diaspora; globalization studies; cultural theory of race and ethnicity

Christine Hong, Literature
Asian American literature and cultural criticism; African American literature and black freedom studies; Korean diasporic cultural production; Pacific Rim studies; postcolonial theory; critical race theory; human rights discourse; law and literature; narrative theory; film and visual studies

Steven McKay, Sociology
Work and labor markets; globalization and social change; political sociology; race; masculinity; migration; ethnography/qualitative methods

Nick Mitchell, Feminist Studies
Black feminist thought and praxis; critical theory; critical university studies; epistemology and discipline formation; feminist theory; intellectual history

Marcia Ochoa, Feminist Studies
Gender and sexuality, race and ethnicity, Latina/o studies, media and cultural studies, ethnography of media, feminism, queer theory, geography, multimedia production, graphic design, colonialism and modernity, Latin American studies—Colombia and Venezuela, social documentation

Juan Poblete, Literature
Latin(o) American literatures; transnational/global cultures (literature, radio, film); Latin(o) American cultural studies; 19th-century studies; the history of reading practices

Eric Porter, History/History of Consciousness
Black cultural and intellectual history; U.S. cultural history and cultural studies; critical race and ethnic studies; jazz and popular music studies; urban studies

Felicity Amaya Schaeffer, Feminist Studies
Transnational feminisms; sexuality and migration, technology, and race; intimacy and globalization; Latin American/Latino studies; border studies; Chicana/o studies; biometrics and security studies

Karen Yamashita, Literature
History and anthropology of Japanese immigration to Brazil; Asian American literature; modern fiction; playwriting

Alice Yang, History
Historical memory, Asian American history, gender history, race and ethnicity, 20th-century U.S., oral history

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Mark Anderson, Anthropology
Racial formation, diaspora, nationalism, transnationalism, culture and power; Latin America, African diaspora

David Anthony, History
African and African American history, art, music, literature, and cinema; eastern and southern Africa; African languages; Indian Ocean world; African and African American linkages; Islamic civilization; African diaspora studies; world history

Bettina Aptheker, Feminist Studies
Feminist oral history and memoir; feminist pedagogy; African American feminist history; queer studies; feminist Jewish studies; feminist critical race studies

Anjali Arondekar, Feminist Studies
South Asian studies, colonial historiography; feminist theories; queer theory; critical race studies; 19th-century interdisciplinary studies

Gabriela Arredondo, Latin American and Latina/o Studies
Latina/o studies; Chicana/o history; U.S. immigration histories; U.S. social and cultural history; critical race and ethnicity theories; Chicana and Mexicana feminisms; “borderlands” studies; history of modern Mexico

Noriko Aso, History
Japanese social, intellectual, and cultural history, material culture, colonialism, nationalism, gender, race and ethnicity

Karen Bassi, Literature
Greek and Latin literatures; gender; literary and cultural theory; pre- and early modern studies; historiography; visual and performance studies

Dorian Bell, Literature
Nineteenth- and 20th-century French literature and intellectual history; histories of empire and anti-Semitism; literature and science; film studies; digital humanities

Martin Berger, History of Art and Visual Culture
Gender, race, and representation in U.S. culture

Julie Bettie, Sociology
Gender, race/ethnicity, sexuality, and cultural politics; cultural theory; erotic labor and sexual commerce; critical qualitative methodologies

David Brundage, History
American immigration history, with particular focus on the Irish in America and on transnational immigrant politics; U.S. labor and social history; modern Irish history

Christopher Chen, Literature
Twentieth- and 21st-century African American literature; Asian American literature; 20th and 21st-century US multiethnic poetry and poetics; comparative ethnic literary studies; literary formalisms and comparative racialization; contemporary experimental poetics and political theory

Nancy Chen, Anthropology
Medical anthropology, visual anthropology, urban anthropology, Asian American identity, mental health, food, China

Alan Christy, History
Early modern and modern Japan; history of social sciences, colonialism, nationalism

Christopher Connery, Literature
World literature and cultural studies; globalism and geographical thought; the 1960s; Marxism; pre-modern and modern Chinese cultural studies; cultural revolution

Cynthia Cruz, Education
Feminist ethnography; community-based learning; decolonial pedagogies; LGBTQ street youth; women of color thought; cultural studies and education

Jon Daehnke, Anthropology
Archaeology of the North American Pacific Coast, cultural heritage politics and law, contemporary Native American politics, human-environment interaction, landscape and place, collaborative methodologies, NAGPRA implementation and compliance, public representations of heritage and memory

Grace Peña Delgado, History
Chicano/a History; Mexico-US-Canadian Borderlands; Latino/a Studies; Asian and Asian American Studies; Immigration; Gender and Sexuality; Modern Mexico and Latin America

Gina Dent, Feminist Studies
Africana literary and cultural studies, legal theory, popular culture

Jennifer Derr, History
Colonial and Post-colonial Middle Eastern history; Egypt; agricultural and environmental history; Ottoman history; spatial politics; African history; Islamic history

Nathaniel Deutsch, History
Modern Jewish history; Eastern European Jewish culture; ethnography, Hasidism; history of religions

Maria Elena Diaz, History
Atlantic world, Colonial Latin America and the Caribbean, Cuba; social and cultural, global and local histories; colonialism, slavery and freedom, race/ethnicity, gender and class; legal, political, popular, and religious culture

Sylvana Falcón, Latin American and Latina/o Studies
Human rights activism, racism/antiracism, globalization, gender, transnational feminism, contemporary Peru

Adrián Félix, Latin American and Latina/o Studies
International migration; Mexico-U.S. migration; migrant transnationalism; racial/ethnic politics and identity; politics of citizenship; Latino politics

Dana Frank, History
Late 19th- and 20th-century U.S. social history; women's, labor, and working-class history; race and ethnicitymodern Honduras; U.S. history in transnational perspective

Carla Freccero, Literature
Renaissance studies; French and Italian language and literature; early modern studies; postcolonial theories and literature; contemporary feminist theories and politics; queer theory; U.S. popular culture; posthumanism; animal studies

Rosa-Linda Fregoso, Latin American and Latina/o Studies
Human rights, feminicide, and violence studies; critical and cultural theories; decolonial and intercultural feminist studies; media and visual studies

Hiroshi Fukurai, Sociology
Citizen participation in the justice system, international law, race and inequality, East Asian law and politics, military and justice, and advanced quantitative methods

K.C. Fung, Economics
International trade and finance, WTO, foreign direct investment, global environmental economics, and Asia/Pacific economies

Susan Gillman, Literature
Nineteenth-century American literature and culture; theories of culture, race, and gender; world literature and cultural studies

Jennifer González, History of Art and Visual Culture
Contemporary theories of visual culture, semiotics, critical museum studies, photography, public and activist art in the U.S.

Herman Gray, Sociology
Cultural studies, media and television studies, black cultural politics, social theory

Kirsten Silva Gruesz, Literature
Transnational Americas studies; Chicano/Latino literatures and cultures; 19th-century U.S. and Latin American literature; poetry; history of the book; reading and literacy; bilingualism

Lisbeth Haas, History
U.S.-Mexico borderlands and border studies, Chicano and Native American history; visual culture in the colonial Americas; California; historical memory, theory, and historical methodology

Karlton Hester, Music
Premeditated, electroacoustic, and spontaneous composition; flutes, saxophones, and interdisciplinary performance; improvisational and Afrocentric music theory, analysis and history. Artistic Director, Global African Music and Arts Festival/Symposium; UCSC/ISIM International Improvisation Festival/Conference

Catherine Jones, History
U.S. civil war and Reconstruction; slavery and emancipation; the American South; history of children; history of education; women and gender

L.S. Kim, Film and Digital Media
Television history and theory, racial discourse, feminist criticism, Asian-American cultural theory and production, industrial practices and social change in both mainstream Hollywood and alternative media

Regina Langhout, Psychology
School-community-university collaboration; how schooling and neighborhood experiences are informed by social class, race, and gender; young people and empowerment; participatory action research

Kimberly Lau, Literature
Feminist theory; fairy tale studies; virtual worlds; social fictions; discourse analysis and ethnographic methods

Amy Lonetree, History
Indigenous history; museum studies; memory and history; Native American cultural production; public history; and Ho-Chunk tribal history

Boreth Ly, History of Art and Visual Culture
Visual cultures of Southeast Asia and its diaspora: religions and materiality, theory of visual narrative, the politics of cultural translation; (post) colonial and cultural studies; issues of gender, sexuality, race, and trauma

David Marriott, History of Consciousness
Poetics, black cultural studies, literary and psychoanalytic theory, visual culture studies, black cultural theory and philosophies of race, caribbean modernism, Fanon studies

Marc Matera, History
Britain and the British Empire; Modern Europe; world history; Atlantic World; western Africa; African diaspora studies; colonialism; race/ethnicity, gender, and sexuality

Lourdes Martinez-Echazabal, Latin American and Latina/o Studies
Latin American and Caribbean literatures; Afro-Latin American literatures, cultures, and societies; found[n]ational narratives; Brazilian literature; literatures of Cuba and the Cuban diaspora; critical race theory

Derek Murray, History of Art and Visual Culture
Theory and criticism of contemporary art, cultural theory, identity and representation, art of the African diaspora, popular visual culture, contemporary photography, and the ethics of art history and visual studies

Matthew O’Hara, History
Colonial and modern Latin America; Mexico; religion; race, ethnicity, and identity; political culture; history of time

Greg O’Malley, History
Slavery and the slave trade; the colonial Americas; the Atlantic World; race, ethnicity, and encounters; Native American history; revolutionary America

Catherine Ramírez, Latin American and Latina/o Studies
United States cultural history, with a focus on immigration and assimilation; theories of citizenship; Latino literature; comparative ethnic studies; feminist and gender studies; cultural studies

Jennifer Reardon, Sociology
Science studies; sociology of science, technology, and medicine; feminist theory; race/ethnicity/gender/sexuality/class; biology and society

Cecilia Rivas, Latin American and Latina/o Studies
Transnationalism; media and communication (Internet, newspapers); migration; globalization; race, ethnicity, and gender; bilingualism; consumption; El Salvador, Central America, Southern Mexico

Vanita Seth, Politics
Early modern and modern political theory, feminist theory, cultural history, race politics, postcolonial theory

Nirvikar Singh, Economics
Industrial organization, political economy, economic development, technology and innovation, South Asian immigrants in the U.S., Indian economy, Sikhs and the Punjab

Yiman Wang, Film and Digital Media
Theory of difference; film history and theory; colonial/semi-colonial/postcolonial/postsocialist modes of media production and exchange; border-crossing film remakes; silent cinema; translation theory and cinema; acting theory/practice and ethnic star studies with focus on Anna May Wong; transnational connections and ramifications of Chinese cinema and documentary; fan culture; East Asian cinemas; critical animal studies and moving images

Lewis Watts, Professor Emeritus, Art

Marilyn Westerkamp, History
Colonial and revolutionary America; the Atlantic World; early modern cultural and religious history; U.S. religious history; gender studies; history of the body

Ronaldo Wilson, Literature
20th-century and contemporary African American literature; poetry; contemporary American poetry and poetics; Black visual culture; recent experimental writers and artists

Pat Zavella, Latin American and Latina/o Studies
Transnational migration by Mexicans, poverty, family, sexuality, labor, social networks, feminist studies, Chicana/o-Latina/o studies, ethnographic research methods

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