Social Sciences Division

2017-18 General Catalog

460 Humanities and Social Sciences Building
(831) 459-3212

Program Statement

Faculty and Professional Interests

Julie Guthman, Professor of Social Sciences
California agriculture, sustainable agriculture and alternative food movements, international political economy of food and agriculture, politics of food and health, political ecology, race and food, epigenetics and environmental health, critical human geography

Robert L. Meister, Professor of Political and Social Thought and History of Consciousness
Critical human rights theory, moral philosophy, political jurisprudence, political theology, political economy, psychoanalysis, Marxian theory, financialization, 21st century capitalism, institutional analysis, historical justice, and antidiscrimination law

Mary Beth Pudup, Associate Professor of Social Sciences
Regional studies, economic justice, urban and regional political economy, historical geography of the U.S., public policy, community gardening and urban agriculture, non-profit sector

Revised: 09/01/17