About the Catalog

2017-18 General Catalog

UCSC General Catalog 2017-18

This catalog contains the basic information about UC Santa Cruz. A complete list of academic programs and concentrations, both graduate and undergraduate, appears in the Fields of Study.

The next part of the catalog is divided into sections describing various aspects of the campus: undergraduate admission and financial information, the undergraduate academic program (including advising and support services), graduate education (including information on graduate student admission, expenses, and financial support), research programs and facilities, and the 10 residential colleges and student life.

The academic programs and courses offered at UCSC are described in detail in the programs and courses section. The listings are alphabetical, with appropriate cross-references.

The Santa Cruz teaching staff and their academic qualifications, the University of California administration, and the Santa Cruz campus administrative staff appear in the teaching and administration section.

The catalog constitutes the campus’s document of record. While every effort is made to ensure the correctness and timeliness of information contained in this catalog, changes are likely to occur after publication. On an ongoing basis, the university is examining ways to bring the greatest possible efficiency to the delivery of its programs and curricula. This process may result in changes in services, teaching and administrative staff, and curricula and courses that could not be reflected in this catalog, which was prepared well in advance of the 2017-18 academic year. Updates to course information are available in the quarterly Schedule of Classes and the Class Search. (Additional websites are referenced throughout this catalog. However, they are maintained by individual units and may not reflect approved general information, curricula, or course information.) In addition, several publications are available that include detailed information about specific subjects such as graduate ­programs, housing, and financial aid.

It is the responsibility of the individual student to become familiar with the announcements and regulations of the university that are printed in this catalog and other campus publications. The catalog is the document of record for major and program requirements. It is updated annually.

Revised: 09/01/17