2017-18 General Catalog

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The UCSC General Catalog is no longer available in print. Past years' catalogs are archived online in pdf format beginning with the 2003-04 edition. Printed catalogs prior to 2003-2004 are available in the Office of the Registrar.

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PDF of the 2017-18 General Catalog

2017-18 Catalog


About the Catalog and Introducing UCSC

  • About the Catalog

  • Introducing UCSC

Fields of Study

Academic Calendar

Undergraduate Admission and Financial Information

  • Admission

  • Expenses and Financial Resources

Undergraduate Academic Program

  • Planning Your Academic Program

  • Graduation Requirements

  • University Requirements

  • General Education Requirements

  • Credit for Transfer Students

  • College Requirements

  • Major and Minor Requirements

  • Evaluating Academic Performance 

  • Advising: Course Selection to Careers 

  • Undergraduate Research

  • International Education 

  • Field and Exchange Programs

  • Intercampus Visitor Program

  • Cross-Campus or Simultaneous Enrollment

  • Part-Time Program

  • Summer Programs 

  • UCSC Extension

  • Intersegmental Cross-Enrollment

Graduate Studies

  • Graduate Education

  • Student life

  • Application and Admission

  • Fees and Expenses

  • Financial Support

Resources for Learning and Research

  • University Library

  • Computing and Technology Services

  • Research Programs and Facilities

Campus Life and Student Life

  • The Colleges

  • Student Life

Programs and Courses

Published: 09/01/17