2017-18 General Catalog

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Faculty and Professional Interests


Michael K. Brown, Emeritus

J. Peter Euben, Emeritus

Kent Eaton
Comparative politics, Latin America, international relations, political economy, public policy, political institutions

Isebill V. Gruhn, Emerita

Bruce D. Larkin, Emeritus

Ronnie D. Lipschutz
International relations; global political economy; globalization; foreign policy; resource/environmental politics; global political networks; global civil society and social movements; popular culture and politics; technology and society; risk society, state transformation and global governmentality

Michael E. Urban, Emeritus

Daniel J. Wirls
American politics, including national political institutions (Congress) and the President; public policy (military and foreign policy) and political history

Associate Professor

Elizabeth Beaumont
Constutionalism, democracy, and American political development; civic engagement and education; citizenship, rights, and problems of inequality; social movements and popular constitutionalism

Eva C. Bertram
American politics, public policy, political economy, and political history, including social policy and the welfare state , and the changing character of work and labor markets in the United States

Sikina Jinnah
Global governance, environmental politics, trade/environment politics, climate change, biodiversity, climate engineering, international cooperation

Mark Fathi Massoud
Law and society; human rights; international law and development, with a special interest in Sudanand Somalia; Islamic law and society; qualitative, archival, and ethnographic methods

Dean Mathiowetz
Demorcatic theory; theories of agency, personality, and subjectivity; classical and critical political economy; ancient and early modern political thought; politics of affect and mindfulness; conceptual history; philosophy of language; hermeneutics and problems of interpretation

Eleonora Pasotti
Comparative urban politics, social movements, democratization, public policy, sub-national political economy and party politics

Benjamin Read
Comparative politics with special interest in the politics of China and Taiwan, urban politics, democracy and democratization, authoritarian regimes, civil society, associations and social networks, political participation and collective action

Roger Schoenman
Post-socialism, political economy, comparative capitalism, politics of pipelines, politics of memory, political networks, politics and money, far right politics, business influence and lobbying, Balkan and East European politics, Central Asian transition

Vanita Seth
Early modern and modern political theory, feminist theory, cultural history, race politics, postcolonial theory

Melanie Springer
American politics, including voting and elections; electoral reform; federalism; state politics and policymaking; political institutions; partisanship and political history

David J. Thomas, Emeritus

Megan Thomas
Political theory, especially of the 19th century; nationalist thought; Orientalism; comparative colonialism; Southeast Asia

Assistant Professor

David Gordon
International relations, global environmental/climate politics, climate policy, urban sustainability/climate governance, transnational networks, politics of city-networks, norms and social constructivism, power in global governance, social field theory, politics of decarbonization, comparative climate governance

Sara Niedzwiecki
Comparative politics, Latin America; comparative social policy and welfare states; sub-national politics; methodology

Anjuli Verma
Punishment and inequality, mass incarceration, decarceration, deinstitutionalization, sociology of law, politics and social change, mixed-methods research, aging and health

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Edmund Burke III, Emeritus (History)
Barbara Epstein, Emerita (History of Consciousness)
Adrian Felix (Assistant Professor, Latin American and Latino Studies)
Jonathan A. Fox, Emeritus (Latin American and Latino Studies)
Walter L. Goldfrank, Emeritus (Sociology)
David E. Goodman, Emeritus (Environmental Studies)
Paul M. Lubeck, Emeritus (Sociology)
Robert L. Meister (Professor, Professor of Political and Social Thought and History of Consciousness)
Daniel M. Press (Environmental Studies)
Craig Reinarman (Sociology)
Alan Richards, Emeritus (Environmental Studies)
Andrew Szasz (Environmental Studies)
David Wellman, Emeritus (Community Studies)
Donald A. Wittman (Economics)

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