2017-18 General Catalog

Baskin School of Engineering
335 Baskin Engineering Building

Program Statement

Participating Faculty and Professional Interests

Mark Akeson (Biomolecular Engineering)
Development of nanopore sensors for single molecule identification, epigenetics, bioethics

Manuel Ares Jr. (Molecular, Cell, and Developmental Biology)
RNA processing, structure and function of RNA

Phillip Berman (Biomolecular Engineering)
Baskin Distinguished Professor
Drug development, vaccines, AIDS, monoclonal antibody therapeutics, immunology, molecular cell/biology, recombinant protein production (commercial scale)

David Bernick (Biomolecular Engineering)
Synthetic biology as a means to produce energy, medicines, food and for waste conversion, single molecule sequencing of tRNA as a means to understand mitochondrial disease, gene discovery of extremozymes and their applications, high throughput sequencing of novel genomes, RNA abundance, microbial communities and viruses at the extremes

David Deamer (Biomolecular Engineering, Emeritus, UC Davis)
Membrane biophysics, nanopore analysis, DNA sequencing, biomolecular self-assembly

David Draper (Applied Mathematics and Statistics)
Bayesian inference, prediction and decision-making; hierarchical modeling; Bayesian non-parametric methods; model specification and model uncertainty; Bayesian data science; accurate Bayesian computations with massive data; quality assessment; risk assessment; statistical applications in the environmental, medical, and social sciences

Rebecca M. Dubois (Biomolecular Engineering)
Protein engineering, structural biology, X-ray crystallography, virology, vaccines, antibody therapeutics, antiviral drugs

Camilla Forsberg (Biomolecular Engineering)
Hematopoietic stem cells, stem cell fate decisions, transcriptional regulation, chromatin, epigenetics, blood and immune cell development, hematopoietic cell transplantation and trafficking, genetic engineering, bioengineering

Alexander A. Grillo (SCIPP)
Neurophysiology, neural systems, high-energy particle physics

Grant Hartzog (Molecular, Cell, and Developmental Biology)
Biochemistry, genetics, chromatin and transcriptional regulation

David Haussler (Biomolecular Engineering)
Bioinformatics, genomics, computational genomic data analysis, molecular evolution and comparative genomics, genomic and clinical data sharing and standards, cancer genomics, neurodevelopment, stem cell research, immunogenomics, information theory, pattern recognition, machine learning, artificial intelligence, information theory, theoretical computer sciences

Richard Hughey (Biomolecular Engineering and Computer Engineering)
Bioinformatics, hidden Markov models, computer architecture, parallel computation

Michael Isaacson, Emeritus (Electrical Engineering)

Kevin Karplus (Biomolecular Engineering)
Genome assembly from next-generation sequence data (Formerly protein structure prediction), signal processing and statistics for nanopore signals

Douglas Kellogg (Molecular, Cell, and Developmental Biology)
Coordination of cell growth and cell division

Joel Kubby (Electrical Engineering)
Micro-Electro-Mechanical-Systems (MEMS), adaptive optics (AO), optical-MEMS, bio-MEMS, bio-imaging, AO microscopy, AO astronomy

Sri Kurniawan (Computational Media)
Human-computer interaction; human factors and ergonomics; accessibility; assistive technology; usability; empirical studies; human-centered design

Alan M. Litke (SCIPP)
Neural systems; retinal processing; development and prosthesis; technology development for neurophysiology; high-energy physics

Todd Lowe (Biomolecular Engineering)
Experimental and computational genomics, non-coding RNA gene finders, high-throughput small RNA sequencing, small RNA roles in cancer, evolution of RNA-based gene regulation

Roberto Manduchi (Computer Engineering)
Computer vision and sensor processing, with application to assistive technology for the visually impaired

Dominic W. Massaro, Emeritus (Psychology)

Glenn L. Millhauser (Chemistry and Biochemistry)
Electron spin resonance; nuclear magnetic resonance, melanocortin receptor signaling, agouti proteins, prions, peptide synthesis

Linda Ogren (Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology)

Eric Palkovacs (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology)
Freshwater ecology, eco-evolutionary dynamics, fisheries and fish ecology

Nader Pourmand (Biomolecular Engineering)
Bioelectronics, biosensors, chemosensors, nanotechnology, single cell characterization, sequencing, genotyping, pathogen detection, DNA fingerprinting

Raquel Prado (Applied Mathematics and Statistics)
Bayesian non-stationary time series modeling, multivariate time series, biomedical signal processing and statistical genetics

Wendy Rothwell (Biomolecular Engineering)
Biotechnology, molecular genetics

Holger Schmidt (Electrical Engineering)
Narinder Singh Kapany Endowed Chair in Optoelectronics
Optofluidics, atom photonics, hollow-core photonics for biomedicine and quantum optics, nano-magnetism, nano-magneto-optics, single-particle spectroscopy, ultrafast optics

Andrea Steiner (Community Studies)
Health-care systems, health justice, critical public health, gerontology, ageism, long-term care

Joshua Stuart (Biomolecular Engineering)
Jack Baskin Endowed Chair of Biomolecular Engineering
Computational functional genomics, comparative analysis of gene regulation, cross-species inference of gene networks, probabilistic graphical models

Ellen Kappy Suckiel, Emerita (Philosophy)

John Tamkun (Molecular, Cell, and Developmental Biology)
Transcriptional regulation, molecular genetics of Drosophila development, regulation of gene expression

John F. Vesecky, Emeritus (Electrical Engineering)

Alan M. Zahler (Molecular, Cell, and Developmental Biology)
Molecular biology, splice site selection, and alternative pre-mRNA processing

Jin Z. Zhang (Chemistry and Biochemistry)
Design, synthesis, characterization, and application of nanomaterials, including semiconductor and metal nanoparticles; femtosecond laser spectroscopy; ultrafast dynamics on surfaces and at interfaces; cancer biomarker detection; surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy

Yi Zuo (Molecular, Cell, and Developmental Biology)
Glia-synapse interaction and synaptic plasticity in vivo

Revised: 09/01/17