Art and Design: Games and Playable Media

2017-18 General Catalog

DARC 302
(831) 459-1919

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Faculty and Professional Interests

Robin Hunicke, Associate Professor, Art and Design: Games and Playable Media (AGPM)
Experimental & user-centered game design, games & learning, games & social impact, building sustainable & deliberately developmental creative cultures, supporting diversity & innovation for arts entrepreneurship

Elizabeth Swensen, Assistant Professor, AGPM
Games as personal narrative, games and learning, games and social impact, dynamics of language and identity through play

Jim Whitehead, Professor, Computational Media
Generative methods, procedural content generation, level design in computer games, software engineering, software analytics, software evolution, software bug prediction

Katherine Isbister, Professor, Computational Media
Games and human computer interactions, games and emotion, game user research,  game character design, human-centered design

Michael Mateas, Professor, Computer Science
Artificial Intelligence (AI) for art and entertainment, game AI, AI and creativity, AI-based interactive storytelling, autonomous characters

Soraya Murray, Assistant Professor, Film and Digital Media
Contemporary visual culture and representation including: new media art, film, photography, games; theories of art and globalization; cultural studies

Susana Ruiz, Assistant Professor, Film and Digital Media
Game design; games as forms of activism, nonfiction storytelling, and art; cinema and animation; participatory culture; social art practice; theory/practice hybridity; Theatre of the Oppressed; expanded documentary; interaction design; worldbuilding; transmedia production, scholarship and activism

Sri Kurniawan, Professor, Computational Media
Human-computer interaction; human factors and ergonomics; accessibility; assistive technology; usability; empirical studies; human-centered design

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