History of Consciousness

2017-18 General Catalog

415 Humanities 1
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Faculty and Professional Interests

Gopal Balakrishnan, Professor of History of Consciousness
Classics of political thought from Plato to Rousseau, early modern and modern European intellectual history, historical sociology, the history and future of capitalism, nationalism

Banu Bargu, Professor of History of Consciousness
Political theory, especially modern and contemporary thought; critical theory; theories of sovereignty and subjectivity; biopolitics and the body; resistance movements and practices; prisons and political prisoners; Middle East politics

Carla Freccero, Professor of Literature
Renaissance studies; French and Italian language and literature; early modern studies, postcolonial theories and literature; contemporary feminist theories and politics; queer theory; U.S. popular culture; posthumanism; animal studies

David S. Marriott, Professor of History of Consciousness
Poetics, black cultural studies, literary and psychoanalytic theory, visual culture studies, black cultural theory and philosophies of race, Caribbean modernism, Fanon studies

Robert L. Meister, Professor of Politics and History of Consciousness
Critical human rights theory; moral philosophy; political jurisprudence; political theology; political economy; psychoanalysis; Marxian theory; financialization; 21st-century capitalism; institutional analysis; historical justice; antidiscrimination law

Eric Porter, Professor of History, and History of Consciousness
Black cultural and intellectual history; U.S. cultural history and cultural studies; critical race and ethnic studies; jazz and popular music studies; urban studies

Massimiliano Tomba, Professor of History of Consciousness
Intellectual and modern history, political and critical theory, theories of the state, continental philosophy, particularly modern and contemporary philosophy

Victor Burgin, Professor Emeritus of History of Consciousness

James T. Clifford, Professor Emeritus of History of Consciousness

Angela Y. Davis, Professor Emerita of History of Consciousness and Feminist Studies

Barbara L. Epstein, Professor Emerita of History of Consciousness

Teresa de Lauretis, Professor Emerita of History of Consciousness, Literature, and Film and Digital Media

Donna J. Haraway, Professor Emerita of History of Consciousness and Feminist Studies

Hayden White, Professor Emeritus of History of Consciousness

Affiliated Faculty

Martin Berger, Professor of History of Art and Visual Culture
Gender, race, and representation in U.S. culture

Christopher Connery, Professor of Literature
World literature and cultural studies, globalism and geographical thought, the 1960s, Marxism, pre-modern and modern Chinese cultural studies, cultural revolution

Nathaniel Deutsch, Professor of Literature and History
Modern Jewish history; Eastern European Jewish culture; ethnography, Hasidism; history of religions

Jennifer A. González, Professor of History of Art and Visual Culture
Contemporary theories of visual culture, semiotics, critical museum studies, photography, public and activist art in the U.S.

Deborah Gould, Associate Professor of Sociology,
Political emotion; social movements and contentious politics; classic and contemporary social theory; sexualities; lesbian/gay/queer studies; feminist and queer theory

Megan Thomas, Associate Professor of Politics
Political theory, especially of the 19th century; nationalist thought; Orientalism; comparative colonialism;  Southeast Asia

Tyrus Miller, Professor of Literature
Modernist, avant-garde, and postmodernist literature; the interrelations of the arts in the 20th century; aesthetics theory; communist and post-communist society, intellectual history, and culture, especially in East-Central and Southern Europe; cinema and film theory; the Frankfurt School; György Lukács; contemporary poetry and language arts

Jennifer Reardon, Professor of Sociology
Issues of social identity as influenced by the new sciences of genetics and genomics; intersection of the sociology of science and knowledge and the sociology of race, gender, and class

Vanita Seth, Associate Professor of Politics
Early modern and modern political theory, feminist theory, cultural history, race politics, postcolonial theory

Associated Faculty

Anjali Arondekar, Associate Professor of Feminist Studies
South Asian studies, colonial historiography; feminist theories; queer theory; critical race studies; 19th-century interdisciplinary studies

Karen Barad, Professor of Feminist Studies
Feminist science studies, materialism, deconstruction, poststructuralism, posthumanism, multi-species studies, science and justice, physics, 20th-century continental philosophy, epistemology, ontology, ethics, philosophy of physics, feminist, queer, and trans theories

A. Hunter Bivens, Associate Professor of Literature
Twentieth- and 21st-century German literature and film; Marxism and critical theory; psychoanalysis; lyric poetry; literary realism; the novel

Vilashini Cooppan, Associate Professor of Literature
Postcolonial studies, comparative and world literature, literatures of slavery and diaspora, globalization studies, cultural theory of race and ethnicity

Gina Dent, Associate Professor of Feminist Studies, History of Consciousness, and Legal Studies
Africana literary and cultural studies, legal theory, popular culture

Mayanthi Fernando,  Associate Professor of Anthropology
Anthropology of religion, secularism, Islam, multiculturalism/pluralism; colonial and post-colonial France, Europe

Rosa-Linda Fregoso, Professor Emerita of Latin American and Latino Studies

Susan Gillman, Professor of Literature
Transnational American studies; literatures of the 19th-century Americas; critical race studies; translation theory; comparative history of slavery and emancipation; world literature and cultural studies

Wlad Godzich, Professor of Literature
Theory of literature; philosophy and literature; emergent literature; translation theory; globalization and culture; European integration; knowledge society; literatures of Africa, the Caribbean, Europe (Central, Eastern, and Western), Brazil, Canada; detective and crime fiction; science fiction; medicine and literature

Herman S. Gray, Professor of Sociology
Cultural studies, media and television studies, black cultural politics, social theory

Jody Greene, Professor of Literature and Feminist Studies
Seventeenth- and 18th-century British literature and culture; pre- and early modern studies; critical theory, especially Derrida; poststructuralism and ethics; gender studies; history of authorship; history of the book; human property

Susan Harding, Professor Emerita of Anthropology

Gail Hershatter, Professor of History
Modern Chinese social and cultural history; labor history; gender history; history of sexuality; feminist theory; history, memory, and nostalgia

David C. Hoy, Emeritus Professor of Philosophy

Kimberly Jannarone, Professor of Theater Arts
Directing, performance history, dramatic criticism, modernism

Sharon Kinoshita, Professor of Literature
Mediterranean studies; medieval francophone and Mediterranean literature; literature, translation, and empire; postcolonial and globalization theory; Marco Polo; world literature and cultural studies

Kimberly Lau, Professor of Literature; Provost, Oakes College
Feminism, discourse, and power; feminist theory; discourse, analysis, and ethnographic methods; folklore and narrative; globalization

Dean Mathiowetz, Associate Professor of Politics
Political theory, contemporary and historical; theories of affect, agency, citizenship, democracy, language, and subjectivity; classical and critical political economy

Helene Moglen, Professor Emerita of Literature and Feminist Studies

Triloki Nath Pandey, Professor Emeritus of Anthropology

Ravi Rajan, Professor of Environmental Studies
Environmental history and political ecology, risk and disaster studies, science and technology studies, North-South environmental conflicts, environmental social theory, environmental ethics

B. Ruby Rich, Professor of Community Studies
Documentary film and video, post-9/11 culture, new queer cinema, feminist film history, Latin American and Latin/a cinema, U.S. independent film and video, the essay film, the politics of film festival proliferation and the marketing of foreign films in the U.S.

Warren Sack, Professor of Film and Digital Media
Software design and media theory

Daniel Selden, Professor of Literature
Afroasiatic languages and literatures, Greek and Latin, Hellenistic culture, the classical tradition, history of criticism, literary theory

Richard Terdiman, Professor Emeritus of Literature

Anna Tsing, Professor of Anthropology
Culture and politics; feminist theory; globalization; multi-species anthropology; social landscapes and tropical forest ethnoecologies; multi-sited ethnography; Indonesia, Southeast Asia, and the U.S.

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