Theater Arts

2017-18 General Catalog

J106 Theater Arts Center
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Faculty and Professional Interests


James H. Bierman
Playwriting, theater history and literature, classical and Renaissance drama, Chicano theater, digital media

David Cuthbert
Lighting design, projection design and scenic design; theatrical, fringe, industrial and themed entertainment design; computer aided drafting, electronics and automated fixtures

Kate Edmunds
Set design for theater, dance, opera and film; drafting and drawing for the designer; model-making and color theory; Broadway musicals

M. Kathleen Foley
Asian theater, Southeast Asian studies, performance studies, maskwork, puppetry, multicultural theater

Patty Gallagher
Movement training for actors, circus and clown traditions, and Indonesian dance/performance

Kimberly Jannarone
Directing, performance history, dramatic criticism, modernism

Danny Scheie
Acting, directing, dramatic literature, theater history, Shakespeare, Wagner, gay studies

Edward C. Warburton
Dance theory and technique, cognitive dance studies

Marianne Weems
Directing, crossmedia performance, mediaturgy, applying contemporary critical theories to conceptual practice

Associate Professor

Brandin Baron
Costume design, design history, digital illustration and graphic design

Gerald Casel
Modern dance technique, somatics, choreography, improvisation, meditation and ideokinesis, neuromuscular re-patterning for the dancer

Michael Chemers
Dramaturgy, theater history, criticism and theory, monsters in drama, adaptation and translation, digital media, social robotics, disability and the arts

Assistant Professor

Amy Mihyang Ginther
Voice, speech, acting, Shakespeare, archetypes, accents, dialects, text

Cynthia Ling Lee
South Asian and U.S. postmodern dance, choreography, critical dance studies


Tandy Beal
Choreography, improvisation, technique, performance skills, collaborations with classical and jazz composers, circus, theater and video, children’s productions

Kirsten Brandt
Directing, playwriting, and acting

Gregory Fritsch
Acting, directing

Don Williams
Directing, African American studies, and acting


Andrew E. Doe, Emeritus

Mark Franko, Emeritus

Norvid J. Roos, Emeritus

Ruth L. Solomon, Emerita

Audrey E. Stanley, Emerita

Alma R. Martinez, Emerita

Elaine Yokoyama Roos, Emerita

Paul Whitworth, Emeritus

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Affiliated Faculty

Mary-Kay Gamel, Emerita

Sean Keilen, Professor, Literature
Shakespeare; Ovid; the classical tradition; early British literature; Renaissance humanism; poetry and poetics; imitation; theory of literature; interpretation and its history; the division of the arts and sciences; creative criticism; literature and the fine arts; literature and ethics; psychoanalysis; the passions; the senses; beauty

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