Digital Arts and New Media

2017-18 General Catalog

DARC 302
(831) 459-1919

Program Statement | Course Descriptions

Principal Faculty and Professional Interests

Elliot W. Anderson, Associate Professor, Art
Electronic art, digital art and new media

Sharon A. Daniel, Professor, Film and Digital Media
New media and interactive documentary; social, economic, environmental and criminal justice; socially engaged art; community-based public art in information and communications environments; social and political aspects of information design; documentary forms and ethics

David Dunn, Assistant Professor, Music
Sound art and design, music and the environment, acoustic ecology, compositional linguistics, live electro-acoustic performance, composition, bio-acoustic research, history of electronic music practice, art and science, audio engineering and location recording

Jennifer A. González, Professor, History of Art and Visual Culture
Contemporary theories of visual culture, semiotics, critical museum studies, photography, public and activist art in the U.S.

Robin Hunicke, Associate Professor, Art and Design: Games and Playable Media
Game design

Soraya Murray, Assistant Professor, Film and Digital Media
Contemporary visual culture and representation including: new media art; projected arts; photography; electronic games; theories of art and globalization; representations of migration and otherness

Jennifer Parker, Professor, Art
Sculpture, digital art and new media, art | science

Warren Sack, Professor, Film and Digital Media
Software design and media theory

Ed Shanken, Associate Professor, Digital Arts and New Media; DANM Director
The entwinement of art, science and technology, with a focus on experimental new media art and visual culture

Noah Wardrip-Fruin, Professor, Computational Media
Digital media, computer games, electronic literature, software studies

Affiliate Faculty and Professional Interests

Ralph H. Abraham, Professor Emeritus, Mathematics

Lawrence Andrews, Associate Professor, Film and Digital Media
Film and video production, documentary, installation and media art, sound, animation

Neda Atanasoski, Associate Professor, Feminist Studies
New media and film; critical race and ethnic studies; feminist theory; human rights and humanitarianism; war and nationalism; religion and secularism; post-socialist politics and culture in Central and Eastern Europe

Brandin Baron-Nusbaum, Associate Professor, Theater Arts
Costume design, design history, digital illustration and graphic design

Amy C. Beal, Professor, Music
American music, 20th-century music, experimental and improvisatory performance practices, postwar and Cold War culture, German new music festivals and radio stations, piano performance, contemporary music ensemble

James H. Bierman, Professor, Theater Arts (Drama)
Playwriting, theater history and literature, classical and Renaissance drama, Chicano theater, digital media

Benjamin L. Carson, Associate Professor, Music
Theories of consciousness and cognition, rhythm perception, Schoenberg, history of compositional method, subjectivity and identity

Christopher Connery, Professor, Literature
World literature and cultural studies, globalism and geographical thought, the 1960s, Marxism, pre-modern and modern Chinese cultural studies, cultural revolution

E.G. Crichton, Professor Emerita, Art

Kate Edmunds, Professor, Theater Arts
Set design for theater, dance, opera and film; drafting and drawing for the designer; model-making and color theory; Broadway musicals

Shelly E. Errington, Professor Emerita, Anthropology

Irene Gustafson, Associate Professor, Film and Digital Media
Documentary theory and practice, experimental film/video, production design, gender and queer studies

Helen Mayer Harrison, Visiting Eminent Professor, Arts Division and Art Department

Newton Harrison, Visiting Eminent Professor, Arts Division and Art Department

Dee Hibbert-Jones, Professor, Art
Public art, sculpture, documentary film, animation

Kimberly Jannarone, Professor, Theater Arts (Drama)
Directing, performance history, dramatic criticism, modernism

Sri Kurniawan, Professor, Computational Media
Human-computer interaction, human factors and ergonomics; accessibility, assistive technology, usability, empirical studies, human-centered design

John Jota Leanos, Associate Professor, Social Documentation
Documentary animation, social documentation, social art practice, community arts, Chicana/o art and culture, new media, critical media studies, cultural studies, documentary photography, installation art, public art and interventionist art practice

Irene Lusztig, Associate Professor, Film and Digital Media
Film and video production, experimental ethnography and essayistic nonfiction; representations of  historical memory; archives, propaganda and training films; feminist film practices; medical film; autobiographical filmmaking; interactive documentary; editing

Michael J. Mateas, Professor, Computational Media
Artificial Intelligence (AI) for art and entertainment, game AI, AI and creativity, AI-based interactive storytelling, autonomous characters

Margaret E. Morse, Professor Emerita, Film and Digital Media

Larry Polansky, Professor, Music
Composition, post-tonal theory, algorithmic music, American music, tuning theory, contemporary music, ensemble performance and performance practice, acoustic and electric guitar music, music editing and publishing, interdisciplinary collaboration, music and scientific research

B. Ruby Rich, Professor, Social Documentation and Film and Digital Media
Documentary film and video, post-9/11 culture, new queer cinema, feminist film history, Latin American and Latin/a cinema, U.S. independent film and video, the essay film, the politics of film festival proliferation and the marketing of foreign films in the U.S.

Susana Ruiz, Assistant Professor, Film and Digital Media
Game and transmedia design; games as expressions of activism and art; animation; participatory culture; social art practice; non-fiction storytelling; theory/practice hybridity; animation; Theatre of the Oppressed; critical and liberatory pedagogy; expanded documentary; interaction design; worldbuilding

Elizabeth Stephens, Professor, Art
Performance art, film, environmental art, writing

Mircea Teordorescu, Associate Professor, Computer Engineering
Dynamics, vibrations, contact mechanics, biomechanics

Gustavo Vazquez, Professor, Film and Digital Media
Film and video production, documentary and experimental cross-cultural experiences in film

Emmet J. Whitehead, Professor, Computational Media
Generative methods, procedural content generation, level design in computer games, software engineering, software analytics, software evolution, software bug prediction

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