Applied Mathematics and Statistics

2017-18 General Catalog

Baskin School of Engineering

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Faculty and Professional Interests


Nicholas Brummell
Fluid dynamics; magnetohydrodynamics; numerical simulations of geophysical and astrophysical dynamics, especially solar interior physics; supercomputing

David Draper
Bayesian inference, prediction and decision-making; hierarchical modeling; Bayesian non-parametric methods; model specification and model uncertainty; Bayesian data science; accurate Bayesian computations with massive data; quality assessment; risk assessment; statistical applications in the environmental, medical, and social sciences

Pascale Garaud
Astrophysical andgeophysical fluid dynamics, magnetohydrodynamics; analytical and numerical solutions of partial differential equations related to these phenomena

Athanasios Kottas
Bayesian nonparametrics, mixture models, modeling and inference for point processes, nonparametric regression, survival analysis, applications in biometrics, ecology, and the environmental sciences

Herbert Lee
Bayesian statistics, computer simulation experiments, spatial statistics, inverse problems, classification and clustering

Marc Mangel, Emeritus

Raquel Prado
Bayesian non-stationary time series modeling, multivariate time series, biomedical signal processing and statistical genetics

Abel Rodríguez
Bayesian nonparametrics, Bayesian time series and spatial models, machine learning, document modeling, public health, financial econometrics, structural proteomics, genomics

Bruno Sansó
Bayesian spatio-temporal modeling, environmental and geostatistical applications, modeling of extreme values, statistical assessment of climate variability

Hongyun Wang
Single molecule studies and biophysics, statistical physics, stochastic processes and stochastic differential equations, classical analysis; numerical analysis

Associate Professor

Qi Gong
Computational methods for real-time control systems, trajectory optimization and motion planning, nonlinear filtering and observer design, robust and adaptive control of nonlinear systems, industry applications of control theory

Assistant Professor

Marcella Gomez
Control and dynamical systems, partial differential equations, stochastic systems, systems biology, and delay systems. Particular applications include modeling, analysis, and design of bacterial networks involved in gene regulation, metabolic engineering, and spatial patterning

Rajarshi Guhaniyogi
Areal wombling, compressive methods for high dimensional regression, multi-linear modeling, manifold regression, nonparametric bayes, online learning with massive streaming data, spatial bayes modeling for massive geostatistical datasets, Bayesian tensor regression. applications in epidemiology, forestry, genomics, neuroscience and several other machine learning applications

Abhishek Halder
Systems, control, and optimization; dynamics and control of stochastic systems; uncertainty propagation and nonlinear estimation; Monge-Kantorovich optimal transport; randomized algorithms, density control; density control for aerial robotics and smart grid; cyberphysical systems; model validation, controller robustness verification; model reduction; data-driven modeling for control and machine learning

Dongwook Lee
Computational magnetohydrodynamics and gas dynamics; computational mathematics for large-scale scientific computing on high-performance parallel architectures; numerical algorithms for finite-volume, high-order shock capturing methods; Newton-Krylov-type iterative implicit solvers for stiff nonlinear system; nonlinear numerical methods for astrophysics and high-energy-density physics applications

Ju Hee Lee
Bayesian statistics, bayesian nonparametrics, modeling in biosciences and clinical trials

Daniele Venturi
Uncertainty Quantification (UQ) and computational probability, multi-fidelity stochastic modeling and data-driven stochastic multiscale mathematics, numerical analysis and high-performance scientific computing, probability density function methods for forward and inverse UQ problems, Mori-Zwanzig approach to dimension reduction and uncertainty quantification, functional differential equations

Associate Adjunct Professor

Robin Morris
Statistics and machine learning on massive datasets for recommendation systems, text and image classification, and web traffic analysis

Continuing Lecturer

Yonatan Katznelson
Number theory

Bruno Mendes
Parameter and model uncertainty in geophysics and groundwater contamination modeling, Bayesian statistics, parallel computation

♦ ♦ ♦

Douglas Bonett (Psychology)
Psychometrics and statistics

Gabriel Elkaim (Computer Engineering)
Embedded systems; robust software architectures for real-time reactive systems; sensor fusion; guidance, navigation, and control (GNC) system identification; robust and advanced control schemes; feedback control systems; robotics; unmanned autonomous vehicles (UAVs); and cooperative control

Andrew T. Fisher (Earth Sciences)
Hydrogeology, crustal studies, coupled flows, modeling

Lise Getoor (Computer Science)
Machine learning, reasoning under uncertainty, analysis of graphs and networks, artificial intelligence, databases, information integration, visual analytics, data science

Gary A. Glatzmaier, Emeritus (Earth Sciences)

David Haussler (Biomolecular Engineering)
Bioinformatics, genomics, computational genomic data analysis, molecular evolution and comparative genomics, genomic and clinical data sharing and standards, cancer genomics, neurodevelopment, stem cell research, immunogenomics, information theory, pattern recognition, machine learning, artificial intelligence, information theory, theoretical computer science

David P. Helmbold (Computer Science)
Machine learning, computational learning theory, analysis of algorithms

Roberto Manduchi (Computer Engineering)
Computer vision and sensor processing, with application to assistive technology for the visually impaired, mobile and pervasive computing

Richard Montgomery (Mathematics)
Celestial mechanics, differential geometry, gauge theory, mechanics (quantum and classical), and control theory

Katia Obraczka (Computer Engineering)
Computer networks, distributed systems, operating systems, Internet information systems, mobile computing, wireless networks

Hamid Sadjadpour (Electrical Engineering)
Wireless communication systems, network information theory and scaling laws, performance analysis of wireless ad hoc and sensor networks, routing and MAC protocol design for wireless networks

Manfred Warmuth (Computer Science)
Online learning, machine learning, statistical decision theory, game theory, analysis of algorithms

A. Peter Young, Emeritus (Physics)

Yi Zhang (Technology Management)
Large-scale information retrieval, recommendation systems, Internet advertising, data mining, natural language processing, and applied machine learning

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