Technology Management

2017-18 General Catalog

Baskin School of Engineering

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Faculty and Professional Interests


Ramakrishna Akella
Data analytics: machine learning; informational retrieval (search); data; text; image and video mining; social networks and recommender systems; business analytics: business and management of technology; intelligent services and knowledge management, IT; product design; delivery and portfolios; financial engineering and management; process learning; supply chain management; automation

J.J. Garcia-Luna Aceves (joint with Computer Engineering)
Principles of computer communication, Internet, mobile and pervasive computing, wireless networks, information centric networks, network science

Daniel Friedman (joint with Economics)
Microeconomic theory, experimental/behavioral economics, evolution and learning, financial markets

Patrick Mantey (joint with Computer Engineering)
Multimedia systems, digital signal processing, sensor systems and networks, real-time monitoring and control, image systems, image processing, visualization, geographic information systems, decision support systems

John Musacchio
Control, analysis, and pricing of communications networks; applications of game theory in networking; wireless ad-hoc networks; and management of technology

Yi Zhang
Large-scale search and recommendation systems, natural language processing and dialog systems, data mining and applied machine learning, artificial intelligence, computational economics

Associate Professor

Yihsu Chen
Economics and policy in energy, water resources and transportation sectors

Assistant Professor

David Lee
Crowdsourcing, collective intelligence, social networks, computational social choice, participatory democracy

Teaching Professor

Subhas Desa
Management of technology, new product development, supply-chain management, knowledge engineering, system dynamics and control

♦ ♦ ♦

Luca De Alfaro (Computer Science)
Reputation systems, crowdsourcing, game theory; formal methods

Michael Isaacson, Emeritus (Electrical Engineering)

Robert A. Levinson, Emeritus (Computer Science)

Darrell Long (Computer Engineering)
Data storage systems, distributed computing, operating systems, performance evaluation, reliability, cyber security, data science, multimedia

Charles E. McDowell (Computer Science)
Programming languages, parallel computing, and computer science education

Alex Pang (Computer Science)
Uncertainty visualization, tensor visualization, scientific visualization, comparative visualization, collaboration software, virtual reality interfaces

Ira Pohl, Emeritus (Computer Science)

Nirvikar Singh (Economics)
Industrial organization, political economy, economic development, technology and innovation, South Asian immigrants in the U.S.

Linda Werner (Computer Science)
Software engineering, computer science education, children and computer game creation, testing, increasing diversity in computer science

Jim Whitehead (Computational Media)
Software engineering, software evolution, software bug prediction, level design in computer games, procedural content generation

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