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Faculty and Professional Interests


Jorge Aladro Font
Spanish mysticism; theory and historical developments of imagery in the Middle Ages to the baroque period; Renaissance and baroque Hispanic literature; Italian ideas in the Spanish Renaissance; Cervantes

Karen Bassi
Greek and Latin literatures; gender, literary, and cultural theory; pre- and early modern studies; tragedy; historiography; visual and performance studies; death studies

Christopher Connery
World literature and cultural studies; globalism and geographical thought; the 1960s; Marxism; pre-modern and modern Chinese cultural studies; cultural revolution

Carla Freccero
Renaissance studies; French and Italian language and literature; early modern studies; postcolonial theories and literature; contemporary feminist theories and politics; queer theory; U.S. popular culture; posthumanism; animal studies

Susan Gillman
Transnational American studies; literatures of the 19th-century Americas; critical race studies; translation theory; comparative history of slavery and emancipation; world literature and cultural studies

Wlad Godzich
Theory of literature; philosophy and literature; emergent literature; translation theory; globalization and culture; European integration; knowledge society; literatures of Africa, the Caribbean, Europe (Central, Eastern, and Western), Brazil, Canada; detective and crime fiction; science fiction; medicine and literature

Jody Greene
17th- and 18th-century British literature and culture; pre- and early modern studies; critical theory, especially Derrida; poststructuralism and ethics; gender studies; history of authorship; history of the book; human property

Kirsten Silva Gruesz
Transnational Americas studies; Chicano/Latino literatures and cultures; 19th-century U.S. and Latin American literature; poetry; history of the book; reading and literacy;  bilingualism

Sean Keilen
Shakespeare; Ovid; history and theory of criticism; literature and the fine arts; public education; psychoanalysis; beauty

Sharon Kinoshita
Mediterranean studies; medieval Francophone and Mediterranean literature; the global Middle Ages; literature, translation, and empire; postcolonial and globalization theory; Marco Polo; world literature and cultural studies

Kimberly J. Lau
Feminist theory; fairy tale studies; politics and genre formations; U.S. popular culture; virtual worlds and digital cultures

H. Marshall Leicester, Jr.
Psychoanalysis; poststructuralism; gender theories; theory of cultural change; cultural studies and popular culture: opera, film, American country music; history, theory, and interpretation of horror film; affect and affect theory

Tyrus Miller
Modernist, avant-garde, and postmodernist literature; the interrelations of the arts in the 20th century; aesthetics theory; communist and post-communist society, intellectual history, and culture, especially in East-Central and Southern Europe; cinema and film theory; the Frankfurt School; György Lukács; contemporary poetry and language arts

Micah Perks
Reading and writing; U.S. fiction; creative non-fiction and historical fiction; U.S. alternative communities; U.S. captivity narratives; feminism

Juan Poblete
Latin(o) American literatures; transnational/global cultures (literature, radio, film ); Latin(o) American cultural studies; 19th-century studies; the history of reading practices

Daniel Selden
Afroasiatic languages and literatures; Greek and Latin; Hellenistic culture; the classical tradition; history of criticism; literary theory; film history, theory, and analysis

Deanna Shemek
Renaissance Italian literature and culture; early modern feminism; humanism; letter-writing and epistolary culture; early modern literacy and media; Renaissance theater; the northern court circles; digital humanities

Marlene Tromp
Social justice, particularly gender, racial, and economic justice; marginal culture; violence against women; racially-motivated violence; the law; economics; social ethics; 19th-century literature and culture

Rob Wilson
Transnational and postcolonial literatures, especially as located and transformed in Asia/Pacific; cultural-political emergences as posited against empires of globalization; cultural poetics of America in the Pacific and Oceania; the sublime, Longinus to Hiroshima; poetics of experimental writing, especially poetry; the poetry and cultural poetics of Bob Dylan; Beat beatitude, social and literary, from Jesus to Juliana Spahr et al.; San Francisco as Global City, with its literature read as archive of vision and critique; Pacific Rim cities from Hong Kong and Seoul to Taipei, Kaohsiung, Shanghai, Honolulu, San Francisco, and Los Angeles

Karen Tei Yamashita
History and anthropology of Japanese immigration to Brazil; Asian American literature; modern fiction; playwriting

Associate Professor

Dorian Bell
19th- and 20th-century French literature and intellectual history; histories of empire and anti-Semitism; literature and science; film studies; digital humanities

A. Hunter Bivens
20th- and 21st-century German literature and film; Marxism and critical theory; psychoanalysis; lyric poetry; literary realism; the novel

Vilashini Cooppan
Postcolonial studies; comparative and world literature; literatures of slavery and diaspora; globalization studies; cultural theory of race and ethnicity

Christine Hong
Asian American literature and cultural criticism; African American literature and black freedom studies; Korean diasporic cultural production; Pacific Rim studies; postcolonial theory; critical race theory; human rights discourse; law and literature; narrative theory; film and visual studies

G.S. Sahota
Postcolonial studies; world literature and cultural studies; Indian literary and intellectual history (especially in Urdu, Sanskrit, Punjabi, Hindi, and English); historiography of South Asia; epic; religion and modernity (Islam, Hinduism, Sikhism); romanticism; Marxism; translation

Ronaldo V. Wilson
20th-century and contemporary African American literature; poetry; contemporary American poetry and poetics; Black visual culture; recent experimental writers and artists

Assistant Professor

Christopher Chen
20th- and 21st-century African American literature; Asian American literature; comparative ethnic literary studies; modern and contemporary U.S. poetry and poetics; contemporary U.S. experimental writing; racial capitalism and theories of comparative racialization

Martin Devecka
Greek and Latin languages and literatures; cultural history; Arabic language and literature; animal studies; history of technology; Renaissance studies

Renee Fox
Victorian literature and culture; 19th- through 21st-century Irish studies; the Gothic; poetry; Neo-Victorian fiction and adaptation; history of science; queer theory

Camilo Gomez-Rivas
Medieval and Mediterranean studies; western Mediterranean historical and cultural studies; refugees, law and society, and religious identity; Arabic literature and cultural history; medieval Iberian literature and culture

Amanda Smith
Contemporary Latin American literatures; indigeneity and shamanism; ecocritical theory; geocriticism; space and mapping

Zac Zimmer
Contemporary and comparative colonial-contemporary Latin American literatures and cultural studies; science and technology in society; politics, aesthetics and technology; new media; science fiction

Literature Emeriti Faculty

George T. Amis, Emeritus

Murray Baumgarten, Emeritus

Harry Berger, Jr., Emeritus

Margaret R. Brose, Emerita

Julianne Burton-Carvajal, Emerita

John M. Ellis, Emeritus

Pascale Gaitet, Emerita

Mary-Kay Gamel, Emerita

Margo Hendricks, Emerita

John O. Jordan, Emeritus

Norma Klahn, Emerita

John P. Lynch, Emeritus

Nathaniel E. Mackey, Emeritus

Helene Moglen, Emerita

Loisa Nygaard, Emerita

Paul N. Skenazy, Emeritus

S. Page Stegner, Emeritus

Richard Terdiman, Emeritus

Thomas A. Vogler, Emeritus

Michael J. Warren, Emeritus

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Charles W. Hedrick Jr. (History)
Greek and Roman history; epigraphy, historiography, political theory

Lourdes Martinez-Echazabal (Latin American and Latino Studies)
Latin American and Caribbean literatures; Afro-Latin American literatures, cultures, and societies; Latin American critical race theory; literatures of Cuba and the Cuban diaspora, cinema and social change in Cuba; gender and dissident sexualities in Latin American literature and cinema; queer theory in/and Latin America

Associate Professor

Anjali Arondekar (Feminist Studies)
South Asian studies, colonial historiography; feminist theories; queer theory; critical race studies; 19th-century interdisciplinary studies

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