Applied Linguistics

2017-18 General Catalog

218 Cowell College
(831) 459-2054

Program Statement | Applied Linguistics Course Descriptions

Faculty and Professional Interests


Shigeko Okamoto
Sociolinguistics, discourse analysis, pragmatics, language and gender, foreign language pedagogy, Japanese linguistics

Associate Professor

Zsuzsanna Abrams
Applied linguistics, language pedagogy, second language acquisition, intercultural communication, discourse analysis, computer-mediated communication

Bryan Donaldson
Word order variation in second-language French, medieval French and medieval Occitan through the lens of information structure, discourse analysis, and sociolinguistics

Eve Zyzik
Second language acquisition, heritage languages, Spanish linguistics, cognitive and usage-based theory, language pedagogy, content-based instruction

Assistant Professor

Mark Amengual
Bilingualism and language contact, acoustic phonetics, sociophonetics, second-language acquisition, language variation and change, Spanish and Romance linguistics

Donald P. Miller
Corpus linguistics, L2 academic literacy—particularly academic vocabulary—development, corpus-informed EAP materials and curriculum development and pedagogy

Revised: 09/01/17