Environmental Studies

2017-18 General Catalog

405 Interdisciplinary Sciences Building
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Faculty and Professional Interests


Christopher Benner
Social aspects of information technology, social equity in urban and regional development, social movements and innovative community/labor organizing, political ecology of urban systems

Jeffrey T. Bury
Political ecology; sustainable development; Latin America; extractive industries; climate change; new models of conservation

Weixin Cheng
Soil ecology, agroecology, biogeochemistry, global change ecology

Tim Duane
Environmental law and policy, renewable energy development, ecosystem-based management, land use planning and regulation, water law and policy, conservation easements, climate law and policy

Gregory S. Gilbert
Disease ecology, forest ecology, tropical ecology, biological invasions, conservation biology, applied evolutionary ecology

Brent Haddad
Fresh-water economics, policy, and communications; renewable energy policy and management; economic institutions and the environment; climate-change mitigation and adaptation; institutional and ecological economics

Karen D. Holl
Restoration ecology, conservation biology, landscape ecology, tropical ecology

Deborah K. Letourneau
Agroecology, tropical biology, insect-plant interactions, biological conservation for ecosystem services, biological processes as an alternative to pesticides, environmental risks of genetically engineered organisms, redwood forest community ecology

Michael E. Loik
Plant physiological ecology, climate change ecology, biometeorology, ecohydrology

Flora Lu
Ecological anthropology, indigenous resource management and household economics, conservation, oil extraction, environmental justice, inclusive sustainability, Amazon rainforest, Ecuador

Stacy M. Philpott
Agroecology, biodiversity, climate change, community ecology, conservation biology, ecosystem services, food sovereignty, landscape ecology, insects, tropical biology, urban ecology

Daniel M. Press
U.S. environmental politics and policy, water quality, industrial ecology, resources management, policy analysis

S. Ravi Rajan
Environmental history and political ecology, risk and disaster studies, science and technology studies, North-South environmental conflicts, environmental social theory, environmental ethics

Carol Shennan
Agroecology, ecosystem processes, organic agriculture, alternatives to soil fumigation, participatory research, agricultural development with a focus on Africa

Andrew Szasz
Environmental sociology (environmental movements, policy, environmental justice), theory

Christopher C. Wilmers
Wildlife ecology, conservation biology, global change ecology, ecological modeling

Associate Professor

J. Elliott Campbell
Food-water-energy nexus, carbon cycle science, regional and global atmosphere-biosphere modeling, life-cycle assessment, geospatial modeling

Assistant Professor

Madeleine Fairbairn
Environmental sociology, sociology of agriculture, property ownership and land tenure, food politics and social movements, political ecology

Adam Millard-Ball
Transportation planning and policy, environmental economics, urban sustainability, climate change policy

Katherine Seto
Marine and coastal law and policy, marine resource governance, sustainable seafood systems, political ecology, sustainability science, maritime security and globalization

Kai Zhu
Ecology, environmental sciences, global change, statistics

Adjunct Professor

Jeffrey Kiehl
Human dimensions of climate change, intersection of climate change and psychology, changes in Earth’s water cycle, climate communication

Martin Quigley
Landscape ecology, restoration ecology, botany, horticulture, landscape architecture

Adjunct Associate Professor

Renée Kidson
Hydrology, water resource management, urban water supply training, climate change and Antarctic science, military history

Environmental Studies Emeritus Faculty

Robert R. Curry

Bryan H. Farrell

Margaret FitzSimmons

Stephen R. Gliessman

David Goodman

Sheldon Kamieniecki

Paul L. Niebanck

James E. Pepper

Alan Richards

Michael E. Soulé

Environmental Studies Lecturers

Chris Lay
Natural history museum collections management, field-based natural history education, California natural history

Katie Monsen
Sustainable agroecosystems, nutrient dynamics, and freshwater ecology, sustainability engineering

Sarah Rabkin
Environmental and science journalism, the literary and visual arts in natural history practice

Andrew Schiffrin
Environmental assessment, transportation, land use planning, water supply planning

♦ ♦ ♦

Hillary Angelo (Sociology)
Urban sociology, nature and society, infrastructure, social theory, urban political ecology, historical methods

Doris Ash (Education)
Informal science learning, teacher professional development, science discourse in and out of the classroom

Giacomo Bernardi (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology)
Fish biology, phylogenetics, evolution

Kenneth W. Bruland, Emeritus (Ocean Sciences)

Edmund Burke III, Emeritus (History)

Melissa L. Caldwell (Anthropology)
Poverty and public health; welfare, charity, and assistance; food and consumption; gardens, nature, and landscapes; religion; socialism and postsocialism; Russia, the former Soviet Union, and Eastern Europe

Yihsu, Chen (Technology Management)
Economics and policy in energy, water resources and transportation sectors

Patrick Y. Chuang (Earth and Planetary Science)
Clouds, aerosols and climate

Mark Cioc (History)
German history, modern European history, environmental history

Daniel P. Costa (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology)
Physiological ecology of marine mammals and birds

Donald Croll (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology)
Ecology and conservation of islands and seabirds

Ben Crow (Sociology)
International development, sociology of water and markets, global inequality, South Asia and East Africa, political economy, and green enterprise

T.J. Demos (History of Art and Visual Culture)
Contemporary art and visual culture, investigating in particular the diverse ways that artists and activists have negotiated crises associated with globalization, including the emerging conjunction of post-9/11 political sovereignty and statelessness, the hauntings of the colonial past, and the growing biopolitical conflicts around ecology and climate change

Jennifer Derr (History)
Colonial and Post-colonial Middle Eastern history; Egypt; agricultural and environmental history; Ottoman history; spatial politics; African history; Islamic history; history of science; history of medicine

Lindsey Dillon (Sociology)
Urban geography, critical race theory, political ecology, environmental justice, feminist approaches to science and technology studies

Kent Eaton (Politics)
Comparative politics, Latin America, international relations, political economy, public policy, political institutions

James Estes (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, and Ocean Sciences)
Marine sciences, community ecology, species interactions

Andrew Fisher (Earth and Planetary Sciences)
Hydrogeology, crustal studies, heat flow, modeling

Laurel R. Fox (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology)
Terrestrial population and community ecology, plant-animal interactions

Diane Gifford-Gonzalez (Anthropology)
Neolithic Africa and Eurasia, colonial New Mexico, origins of food production, pastoralists, zooarchaeology, history of archaeology, interpretive theory, visual anthropology

James B. Gill, Emeritus (Earth and Planetary Sciences)

Gary B. Griggs (Earth and Planetary Sciences)
Coastal processes, hazards and engineering

Daniel Guevara (Philosophy)
Kant, moral philosophy, moral psychology, environmental ethics, history of modern philosophy

Julie H. Guthman (Social Sciences)
California agriculture, sustainable agriculture and alternative food movements, international political economy of food and agriculture, politics of food and health, political ecology, race and food, epigenetics and environmental health, critical human geography

Donna J. Haraway, Emerita (History of Consciousness and Feminist Studies)

Susan Harding, Emerita (Anthropology)

Sikina Jinnah (Politics)
International relations, global governance, environmental politics, trade/environment politics, climate change, biodiversity, international cooperation, climate engineering governance

A. Marm Kilpatrick (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology)
Disease ecology, population biology, conservation

Paul L. Koch (Earth and Planetary Sciences)
Isotope biogeochemistry, vertebrate paleontology

Kristy Kroeker (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology)
Global change biology, community ecology, applied marine ecology, climate change, ocean acidification, multiple stressors

Ronnie D. Lipschutz (Politics)
International relations; global political economy; foreign policy; resource/environmental politics; global political networks; global civil society and social movements; popular culture and politics; technology and society; risk society, state transformation and global governmentality

Kristina Lyons (Feminist Studies)
Feminist and decolonial science studies, environmental humanities of the global South, politics of "nature" and "matter," ethnographic theory, literary ethnography and poetics, politics and the political in Latin America, socioenvironmental justice and ethics

Andrew Salvador Mathews (Anthropology)
Environmental anthropology, science and technology studies, conservation and development, climate change, environmental history, Mexico, Latin America, Italy

Ingrid M. Parker (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology)
Plant ecology,  plant-pathogen interactions, biological invasions

Adina Paytan, IMS Research Scientist (Earth and Planetary Sciences)
Biogeochemistry, paleoceanography, environmental and aquatic chemistry

Maya Peterson (History)
Russian and Soviet history; environmental history; comparative empire; colonialism; global exchanges of scientific knowledge and expertise; technology transfer; historical geography, spatial history and mapping, Central Asia; Silk Roads

Jarmila Pittermann (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology)
Plant physiology

Grant H. Pogson (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology)
Molecular population genetics, ecological genetics, marine invertebrates and fishes

Donald C. Potts (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology)
Coral reef ecology, genetics, evolution, and geological history; marine biodiversity; tropical biology, global change, and remote sensing

Peter T. Raimondi (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology)
Marine ecology, evolutionary ecology, experimental design, applied ecology

Jennifer E. Reardon (Sociology)
Science studies; sociology of science, technology, and medicine; feminist theory; race/ethnicity/gender/sexuality/class; biology and society

Barry Sinervo (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology)
Animal behavior, evolution, physiological ecology

Lisa C. Sloan, Emerita (Earth and Planetary Sciences)

Donald R. Smith (Microbiology and Environmental Toxicology)
Neurotoxicity, cellular and organismal responses to environmental toxins

Dana Y. Takagi, Emerita (Sociology)

Anna Tsing (Anthropology)
Culture and politics; feminist theory; globalization; multi-species anthropology; social landscapes and forest ethnoecologies; multi-sited ethnography; Indonesia, Southeast Asia, and the U.S.

Slawek M. Tulaczyk (Earth and Planetary Science)
Glaciology and glacial geology, soil mechanics

Jeremy West (Economics)
Applied microeconomics, public economics, energy/environmental economics

Terrie M. Williams (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology)
Large mammal physiology, bioenergetics, exercise and environmental physiology

Erika Zavaleta (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology)
Biodiversity and global change, biological invasions, terrestrial plant and ecosystem ecology, human ecology, conservation science

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