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Faculty and Professional Interests


Amy C. Beal
American music, 20th-century music, experimental and improvisatory performance practices, biography, women composers, piano performance, contemporary music ensembles (including percussion ensemble and gamelan), postwar and Cold War culture, German new music festivals and radio stations, trans-Atlantic cultural exchange

Linda C. Burman-Hall, Emerita, Research Professor

David H. Cope, Emeritus

Sherwood Dudley, Emeritus

Karlton E. Hester
Premeditated, electroacoustic, and spontaneous composition; flutes, saxophones, and interdisciplinary performance; improvisational and Afrocentric music theory, analysis and history. Artistic Director, Global African Music and Arts Festival/Symposium; UCSC/ISIM International Improvisation Festival/Conference.

Edward F. Houghton, Emeritus

David Evan Jones
Instrumental and electroacoustic composition, world music composition, chamber opera, language and music, timbre and orchestration

Hi Kyung Kim
Composition, theory, contemporary music, analysis, orchestration, Korean music, world music composition, Founder and Artistic Director, Pacific Rim Music Festival

Anatole Leikin
Classical and Romantic music history, theory, and performance practices; piano and fortepiano; Russian music

Leta E. Miller, Emerita

Gordon Mumma, Emeritus

Paul Nauert, Emeritus

Nicole A. Paiement, Emerita

Larry Polansky
Composition (instrumental and electronic), computer-aided composition and theoretical practices, American music, experimental intonation and tuning, contemporary performance practices in various musics, guitar music, editing and publishing, interdisciplinary collaboration, music and mathematics, cognition, evolution, and language

John M. Schechter, Emeritus

Associate Professor

Benjamin L. Carson
Composition, music perception, empirical musicology, Arnold Schoenberg, popular culture, improvisation

Tanya H. Merchant
Ethnomusicology, musics of Central Asia, the former Soviet Union, and the Balkans, music and gender, identity, nationalism, globalization, and the institutionalization of music

Dard Neuman, Kamil and Talat Hasan Endowed Chair in Classical Indian Music
Ethnomusicology; Hindustani music; colonialism, nationalism, technology and performance; sitar

Nina Treadwell
Gender studies, women and music, queer theory, performativity, critical theory, musicology, renaissance and baroque performance practices, 16th- and 17th-century Italian theatrical music, early plucked-strings (theorbo, renaissance and baroque guitar, renaissance lute)

Assistant Professor

David Dunn
Sound art and design, music and the environment, acoustic ecology, compositional linguistics, live electro-acoustic performance, composition, bio-acoustic research, history of electronic music practice, art and science, audio engineering and location recording

Nicol C. Hammond
South African music, queer studies, popular music studies, ethnomusicology, voice, nationalism, postcolonialism,gender and sexuality, queer studies, world music, music of sub-Saharan Africa, music of the Global South, fan studies

Bruce Kiesling


Nathaniel A. Berman
Director, Concert Choir and Wind Ensemble

Kyle Bruckmann

Paul Contos

William D. Coulter
Classical guitar

Maria V. Ezerova

Giacomo Fiore

Roman Fukshanksky

Barry L. Green
String bass

Charles Hamilton
Large Jazz Ensemble

Thomas Horning
Trombone, euphonium and tuba

Erin Irvine

Roy T. Malan
Violin, viola

Christopher Mallett

George E. Marsh
Drumset, improvisation, rhythm theory, Inner Drumming, game theory, polyrhythms, Deep Listening

Michael McGushin
Chamber Singers

Stan E. Poplin
String bass, jazz ensembles

Christopher Pratorius

Richard Roper

Vanessa Ruotolo

Emily Sinclair

Brian J. Staufenbiel
UCSC Opera Program Director

Undang Sumarna
West Javanese gamelan

Avi Tchamni
Theory, ethnomusicology

Susan C. Vollmer

Zachary Watkins
Electronic music studio

Sheila Willey Hannon

William K. Winant
Orchestral percussion, percussion ensemble

Chia-Lin Yang

♦ ♦ ♦

Visiting Professor

Aashish Khan 
North Indian classical music

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