East Asian Studies

2017-18 General Catalog

Department of History
201 Humanities
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Program Statement

Associated Faculty

Noriko Aso, Associate Professor of History
Japanese social, intellectual, and cultural history, material culture, colonialism, nationalism, gender, race and ethnicity

Raoul Birnbaum, Professor of History of Art and Visual Culture
Buddhist studies, especially Chinese practices from medieval times to the present; religion and visual culture in China

Nancy Chen, Professor of Anthropology
Medical anthropology, visual anthropology, urban anthropology, Asian American identity, mental health, food, China

Alan Christy, Associate Professor of History
Early modern and modern Japan; history of social sciences, colonialism, nationalism; Okinawa

Christopher Connery, Professor of Literature
World literature and cultural studies; globalism and geographical thought; the 1960s; Marxism; pre-modern and modern Chinese cultural studies; cultural revolution

Sakae Fujita, Continuing Lecturer of Languages
Foreign language education, drama in education

Hiroshi Fukurai, Professor of Sociology
Citizen participation in law, race and the law, indigenous approach to international law, decolonialism, Japan and East Asia, advanced quantitative methods, survey research

K.C. Fung, Professor of Economics
International trade and finance, WTO, foreign direct investment, global environmental economics, and Asia/Pacific economies

Per Gjerde, Professor Emeritus of Psychology

June Gordon, Professor of Education
Urban education; international comparative education; the impact of economics, culture and politics on educational attitudes and expectations of immigrants; marginalized youth; schooling and society in Japan, China, India, the U.K., and the U.S.A.; sociology of education

Gail B. Hershatter, Professor of History
Modern Chinese social and cultural history; labor history; gender history; history of sexuality; feminist theory; history, memory, and nostalgia

Christine Hong, Assistant Professor of Literature
Asian American literature and cultural criticism; African American literature and black freedom studies; Korean diasporic cultural production; Pacific Rim studies; postcolonial theory; critical race theory; human rights discourse; law and literature; narrative theory; film and visual studies

Emily Honig, Professor of History
Gender, sexuality and ethnicity in modern China; comparative labor and urban history

Minghui Hu, Associate Professor of History
Early Modern China; Chinese intellectual history; history of science, technology, and environment in China

Junko Ito, Professor of Linguistics
Phonology, morphology, Germanic languages, Japanese

Stacy Kamehiro, Associate Professor of History of Art and Visual Culture
Visual cultures of Oceania; colonial cultures; visual culture ad identity; gender studies; museums and collecting; material culture

Hi Kyung Kim, Associate Professor of Music
Composition, theory, contemporary music, analysis, orchestration, Korean music, world music composition, Founder and Artistic Director, Pacific Rim Music Festival

L.S. Kim, Associate Professor of Film and Digital Media
Television history and theory, racial discourse, feminist criticism, Asian-American cultural theory and production, industrial practices and social change in both mainstream Hollywood and alternative media

Paul Lubek, Professor Emeritus of Sociology

Boreth Ly, Associate Professor of History of Art and Visual Culture
Visual cultures of Southeast Asia and its diaspora: religions and materiality, theory of visual narrative, the politics of cultural translation; (post) colonial and cultural studies; issues of gender, sexuality, race, and trauma

David Keenan, Continuing Lecturer of Languages
Chinese language, fiction, and history

Shigeko Okamoto, Professor of Languages
Sociolinguistics, discourse analysis, pragmatics, language and gender, foreign language pedagogy, Japanese linguistics

Benjamin Read, Associate Professor of Politics
Comparative politics with special interest in the politics of China; theories of associations and social networks; communist and post-communist states; political participation and collective action

Lisa Rofel, Professor of Anthropology
Critical theory, anthropology of modernity, popular/public culture, gender and sexuality, queer theory, transnational capitalism, postcolonial and transnational feminism, China

Dana Y. Takagi, Professor of Sociology
Social inequality, affect, religion, race, quantitative analysis

Yiman Wang, Associate Professor of Film and Digital Media
Theory of difference; film history and theory; colonial/semi-colonial/postcolonial/postsocialist modes of media production and exchange; border-crossing film remakes; silent cinema; translation theory and cinema; acting theory/practice and ethnic star studies with focus on Anna May Wong; transnational connections and ramifications of Chinese cinema and documentary; fan culture; East Asian cinemas

Rob Wilson, Professor of Literature
Transnational and postcolonial literatures, especially as located and transformed in Asia/Pacific; cultural-political emergences as posited against empires of globalization; cultural poetics of America in the Pacific and Oceania; the sublime, Longinus to Hiroshima; poetics of experimental writing, especially poetry; the poetry and cultural poetics of Bob Dylan; Beat beatitude, social and literary, from Jesus to Juliana Spahr et al; San Francisco as Global City, with its literature read as archive of vision and critique; Pacific Rim cities from Hong Kong and Seoul to Taipei, Kaohsiung, Shanghai, Honolulu, San Francisco, and Los Angeles

Karen Yamashita, Professor of Literature
History and anthropology of Japanese immigration to Brazil; Asian American literature; modern fiction; playwriting

Alice Yang, Associate Professor of History
Historical memory, Asian American history, gender history, race and ethnicity, 20th-century U.S., oral history

Revised: 09/01/17