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2013-14 General Catalog

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Faculty and Professional Interests

James Wilson, Senior Lecturer with Security of Employment, Chair
Modern European literary, artistic, intellectual, and political movements (especially of France, Italy, and Spain); poetry of Ezra Pound; Provencal poetry; classical Chinese poetry and philosophy; poetry translation; argument in popular culture; the rhetoric of sports; public speaking; medical science; graduate student teaching mentorship; composition pedagogy for first-year and multilingual students

Heather Shearer
Rhetoric of utopian communities; technical communication; usability of complex information products; English grammar; composition and rhetoric

Senior Lecturer with Security of Employment

Elizabeth Abrams
Composition and rhetoric; writing pedagogy, writing across the curriculum; 19th-century and 20th-century American history and literature, especially concerning the Civil War

Carol M. Freeman, Emerita

Donald L. Rothman, Emeritus

Roswell Spafford, Emerita


Margaret Amis
Writing; pre- and early modern English literature; prose style

Sondra Archimedes, College Nine Writing Coordinator
Victorian literature and culture; gender studies; cultural studies

Derede Arthur
Cultural studies, 18th–20th-century British literature, theory of the novel, theories of education, cognitive ethology

Mark Baker, Oakes College Writing Coordinator
Media and democracy, postmodernism, 20th-century literature and culture of the Americas, community participation, writing and social responsibility

Francesca Caparas
Cultural studies; 19th-century French Realism; gender and representations of the family; Marxism, feminism, and poststructuralism; technology, new media, and the discourse of "reality"

Catherine Carlstroem
American literature and culture, science/speculative fiction; American drama; human biological sciences (e.g. evolutionary history, physiology, neurology).

Dina El Dessouky
Indigenous studies; native and women of color feminisms; environmental policy and justice; ecocriticism; Egyptian, Arab, and North African cinema; Arab/North African diasporic literature; Pacific/Oceania literature; Asia Pacific Americas literature and theory; (post)colonial theory; visual and performance cultures; poetry; surf culture(s)

Farnaz Fatemi
Writing, poetry, writing pedagogy, comics and graphic novels, Middle East issues and cross-cultural perspectives, contemporary American literature.

BK Faunce
Late 18th-century and early 19th-century British literary culture, film, literary theory

Jimmy Fazzino
Writing pedagogy, food writing, 20th-century American literature, Beat Generation writing

Veronica Flanagan, Kresge College Writing Coordinator
19th- and 20th-century American literature; translation; French literature

Joy Hagen, College Eight Writing Coordinator
Science writing; writing for physical and biological sciences; ecological risks of genetically engineered organisms; population dynamics; agroecology and food systems; science and uncertainty

Erica Halk, College Ten Writing Coordinator
Post-secondary reading and writing pedagogy; American literature; cultural criticism; gender studies

Roxanne Power Hamilton
Writing, poetry, magazine editing, inter-arts performance, gender and queer studies

Noria Jablonski
Creative writing; contemporary American literature; disability studies

Robin King, Oakes College Writing Coordinator
Visual arts, media criticism, sociology of learning and emotions, multi-cultural studies, politics of food

Lindsay Knisely
Digital identity production in youth; establishing ethos in writing; writing of witness; African-American literature and literary theory; writing as social activism; writing as identity development; poetry analysis and interpretation; development of critical consciousness

Toby Loeffler
Writing pedagogy; early 20th-century British and Spanish literature; history and theory of the British and European novel; British and European modernism; literature and nationalism; ideology; cultural studies

Philip Longo
Composition; 20th-century American literature; African American literature; sexuality and gender; critical theory; the 1960s; Environmental Humanities

Brij Lunine, Cowell College Writing Coordinator
Writing pedagogy; writing across the curriculum, teaching research; reception studies, cultural studies, popular culture and youth subcultures

Patrick McKercher
Virtual reality educational environments, outreach projects, collaborative research with James Burke, environmental education

Ingrid Moody Lariviere, Porter College Writing Coordinator

Emily Murai
First-year composition and writing; International and global affairs; Science and technology studies; Human geography

Ellen Newberry, Merrill College Writing Coordinator
Educational partnerships with K–12 schools, transfer/re-entry student writing, women’s studies, and queer studies

Sarah-Hope Parmeter, Coordinator, Entry Level Writing Requirement (ELWR)
Writing and democracy; multilingual, multicultural rhetorics; cross-age writing partnerships and public school collaboratives; lesbian/gay/bisexual/transgender young adult literature; rhetoric of the sciences

Annalisa Rava, Crown College Writing Coordinator
Animals and human society, science fiction studies, literature and postmodernism

Jessica Samuels
Pedagogy, philosophy

Denise Silva
Cultural studies, urban studies, gender studies, 19th and 20th century British literature, composition and rhetoric

Kiva Silver
Modern and early modern European history; nation-state development and nationalism; immigration and integration in Europe; rhetoric and composition

Robin Somers
Sustainable agriculture and cooking organically; online journalism (blogging), Native American literature, culture and politics

Stephen Sweat
The foundations of the novel; literacy and 18th-century English literature; figurations of the monstrous, satire; Shakespeare; anachronism in education; second-language acquisition; rhetoric and composition

Terry Terhaar
Writing in the sciences; inquiry-based (research) writing; environmental writing and thought; biodiversity conservation; environmental ethics; religion, spirituality, and nature

David Thorn
Climate change, technology, and ethics; sustainable agriculture and food production; Africa and African life beyond the four "Ds"; sci fi and weird fiction; surfing and poetry

Amy Weaver, Stevenson College Writing Coordinator
Creative nonfiction, writing pedagogy

Lothlorien Watkins

Lene Whitley-Putz
Social justice, identity, gender, writing the body, race in the United States, sports and identity, online teaching and learning, writing across the curriculum

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