Welcome to UCSC

Chancellor George Blumenthal

2013-14 General Catalog

Welcome to UC Santa Cruz. Congratulations on choosing this extraordinary university for your studies. Our talented faculty and dedicated staff stand ready to make your time here stimulating and rewarding.

At UCSC, we talk about the "transformational student experience." That phrase is rooted in the spirit of daring and adventure that students bring to this beautiful campus. Year after year, students—both undergraduate and graduate—embrace our founders' vision of UCSC as a special place that nurtures intellectual curiosity and encourages collaboration, all while fostering a sense of fun and community along the way.

Maybe it's our location. Nestled among the redwoods and overlooking the Monterey Bay, UCSC is a place of unmatched natural beauty. I still stop and marvel at the views. You may grow accustomed to meeting deer on campus footpaths, but I doubt you'll ever stop appreciating these impromptu encounters with the natural world. Let these surroundings inspire and uplift you.

Maybe it's the people. From the lecture hall to the soccer field, you will make new friends here. Your peers will sustain you, and our faculty will inspire you. As a major research university, UCSC is home to scholars who have not completed their own search for knowledge, meaning, and understanding. They are leaders in their fields and pioneers of interdisciplinary exploration. They are eager to partner with you in your quest—for discovery, creative expression, and, yes, transformation.

Maybe it's the opportunities. At UCSC, we are dedicated to providing challenging classroom experiences, robust opportunities to learn outside the classroom, and extracurricular activities that range from athletics and art to student government, sustainability, and service.

The truth is, it's all this and more. This is an extraordinary time in your life. I hope you will take advantage of everything the campus has to offer. Delve deep. The rewards are plentiful.

Again, welcome to UCSC. I look forward to seeing you on campus.


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Revised: 09/01/13