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2013-14 General Catalog

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Faculty and Professional Interests

Michael H. Cowan, Professor Emeritus, American Studies

John Dizikes, Professor Emeritus, American Studies

Judith Yung, Professor Emerita, American Studies

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David H. Anthony, Associate Professor, History
African and African American history, art, music, literature, and cinema; eastern and southern Africa; African languages; Indian Ocean world; African and African American linkages; Islamic civilization; African diaspora studies; world history

Gabriela Arredondo, Associate Professor Latin American and Latino Studies
Latina/o studies; U.S. immigration history; U.S. social and cultural history; Chicana/o history; critical race and ethnicity theories; Chicana and Mexicana feminism; “borderlands” studies; history of modern Mexico

Martin Berger, Professor, History of Art and Visual Culture
American studies and visual studies; construction of gender and race

Michael K. Brown, Professor, Politics
Inequality, race and African American politics, political economy, political development of welfare states, theories and methods of historical social science

David T. Brundage, Professor, History
American working-class and immigration history, history of U.S. social movements, Irish history and politics

George Bunch, Associate Professor, Education
Language and education in linguistically diverse settings, preparation of teachers for linguistically diverse, language policy, and bilingualism

Benjamin Carson, Associate Professor, Music
Theory and composition; music perception; empiricism and subjectivity; Schoenberg; popular music; improvisation

Pedro G. Castillo, Professor Emeritus, History

Gina Dent, Associate Professor, Feminist Studies, History of Consciousness, and Legal Studies
Africana literary and cultural studies, legal theory, popular culture

Barbara L. Epstein, Professor Emerita, History of Consciousness

Rosa-Linda Fregoso, Professor, Latin American and Latino Studies
Human rights, feminicide, and violence studies; critical and cultural theories; decolonial and intercultural feminist studies; media and visual studies

Susan Gillman, Professor, American Literature
Nineteenth-century American literature and culture; theories of culture, race, and gender; world literature and cultural studies

Herman S. Gray, Professor, Sociology
Cultural studies, media and television studies, black cultural politics, social theory

Miriam Greenberg, Associate Professor, Sociology
Urban sociology, media studies, cultural studies, political economy, globalization, and urban political ecology

Kirsten Silva Gruesz, Professor, Literature
Transnational Americas studies; Chicano/Latino literatures and cultures; 19th-century U.S. and Latin American literature; poetry; history of the book; reading and literacy; bilingualism

Lisbeth Haas, Professor, History
U.S.-Mexico borderlands and border studies, Chicano and Native American history; visual culture in the colonial Americas; California; historical memory, theory, and historical methodology

Judith A. Habicht Mauche, Professor, Anthropology
Precontact and early contact North American cross-cultural interaction and trade; ceramic technology; archaeology of gender, power, and identity; Southwest and Southern Plains

Susan F. Harding, Professor, Anthropology
Culture, politics, narrative, gender, local/global studies, ethnographic writing, fundamentalism, Christianity, state-making, aging, America, and Spain

Kimberly J. Lau, Professor Literature; Provost Oakes College
Feminism, discourse, and power; feminist theory; discourse, analysis, and ethographic methods; folklore and narrative; globalization

Amy Lonetree, Associate Professor, History, American Studies Program Director
Indigenous history, museum studies, memory and American history, Native American cultural production, public history, and Ho-Chunk tribal history

Olga Najera-Ramirez, Professor, Anthropology
Folklore theory, ritual, festival, dance, greater Mexican culture, history and folklore, transnationalism, identity; expressive culture, ethnomusicology, bilingual communication, gender, history, and culture of Latin America, the U.S., and Mexico

Marcia Ochoa, Associate Professor, Feminist Studies
Gender and sexuality, race and ethnicity, Latina/o studies, media and cultural studies, ethnography of media, feminism, queer theory, geography, multimedia production, graphic design, colonialism and modernity, Latin American studies—Colombia and Venezuela

Triloki Nath Pandey, Professor, Anthropology
Native peoples of North America, cultures of India, political anthropology, anthropological theories and comparisons; native North America; tribal India; Nepal

Eric C. Porter, Professor, History, and History of Consciousness
Black cultural and intellectual history; U.S. cultural history and cultural studies; comparative ethnic studies; popular music and jazz studies

Mary Beth Pudup, Associate Professor, Social Sciences
Regional studies, economic justice, urban and regional political economy, historical geography of the U.S., public policy, community gardening and urban agriculture, non-profit sector

Catherine S. Ramirez, Associate Professor, Latin American and Latino Studies
Chicana and U.S. Latino literature, culture, and history; gender studies and feminist theory; visual culture and style politics; cultural studies; popular and urban youth cultures; speculative fiction, Afrofuturism, and Chicanafuturism; science, technology, race, and gender; theories and methods of American studies

Renya K. Ramirez, Associate Professor, Anthropology
Native American studies, Indian identity, Native Americans and anthropology, urban Indians, Native American women, cultural citizenship, expressive culture, and anti-racist education

Forrest G. Robinson, Distinguished Professor, Humanities
Nineteenth- and 20th-century American literature, including Mark Twain, the American West, and popular culture; biography and American culture theory

Shelley Stamp, Professor, Film and Digital Media
Film history, theory, and criticism; silent cinema; women's filmmaking; film censorship; histories of moviegoing; feminist approaches to cinema

Dana Takagi, Professor, Sociology
Social inequality and identity, research methods, race relations, nationalism and social movements

Marilyn J. Westerkamp, Professor, History
Colonial and revolutionary America; the Atlantic World; early modern cultural and religious history; U.S. religious history; gender studies; history of the body

Daniel J. Wirls, Professor, Politics
American politics, including national political institutions (Congress) and the President; public policy (military and foreign policy) and political history

Matthew Wolf-Meyer, Assistant Professor, Anthropology
Medical anthropology; science studies; actor-network theory; American studies; popular culture, media studies, history of medicine and public health

Alice S. Yang, Associate Professor, History
Historical memory, Asian American history, gender history, race and ethnicity, 20th-century U.S., oral history

Patricia J. Zavella, Professor, Latin American and Latino Studies
Chicana/o-Latina/o studies, women's work and domestic labor, poverty, family, sexuality and social networks, feminist studies, ethnographic research methods, and transnational migration of Mexicana/o workers and U.S. capital

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