Astronomy and Astrophysics

2013-14 General Catalog

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Faculty and Professional Interests


Rebecca Bernstein
Galaxy formation and evolution, astronomical instrumentation and optical design

Peter H. Bodenheimer, Emeritus

Michael J. Bolte
Dynamics of star clusters, ages of star clusters, chemical enrichment history of the galaxy, observations of interacting galaxies

Jean P. Brodie
Extragalactic globular clusters, galaxy formation, near-field cosmology

Harland W. Epps
Astronomical optics and instrumentation

Sandra M. Faber
Galaxies, stellar populations, cosmology, instrumentation

Puragra (Raja) GuhaThakurta
Galaxy formation and evolution: resolved stellar populations in the Local Group and distant galaxies. Globular clusters. Interstellar dust.

Garth D. Illingworth
High redshift galaxies, galaxy formation/evolution, science policy

Burton F. Jones, Emeritus

David C. Koo
Cosmology, birth and evolution of galaxies and quasars

Robert P. Kraft, Emeritus

Claire Max
Adaptive optics and high spatial resolution imaging, colliding galaxies, active galactic nuclei and their supermassive black holes

Joseph S. Miller, Emeritus

Jerry E. Nelson, Emeritus

Jason Prochaska
Damped Lya systems in quasars, Lyman limit systems, stellar abundances, thick disk imaging of our galaxy

David M. Rank, Emeritus

Constance Rockosi
Galactic structure, stellar populations, CCD detectors, astronomical instrumentation

Graeme H. Smith
Stellar populations, chromospheric activity among late-type stars

Steven S. Vogt
Extrasolar planets, stellar, spectroscopy, instrumentation

Merle F. Walker, Emeritus


Lloyd B. Robinson, Emeritus


George R. Blumenthal
Cosmology, galaxy formation, high-energy astrophysics

Frank D. Drake, Emeritus

John Faulkner, Emeritus

Gregory Laughlin
Extra-solar planets, numerical astrophysics

Douglas N. C. Lin
Fluid dynamics, star formation, galactic structure, planetary systems, accretion disks, extra-solar planets

Piero Madau
Cosmology, high-energy astrophysics

Bruce H. Margon
High-energy astrophysics, space astronomy

William G. Mathews, Emeritus Research Professor

Enrico Ramirez-Ruiz
Stellar explosions, gamme-ray bursts accretion physics, near compact stars

Stanford E. Woosley
Supernovae, stellar evolution, nucleosynthesis

Associate Professor

Jonathan Fortney
Planetary atmospheres and interiors, extrasolar planets

Mark Krumholz
Star formation, interstellar medium, numerical methods

Assistant Professor

Charlie Conroy
Galaxy formation and evolution, stellar populations, cosmology


Adriane Steinacker
Planet formation, MHD simulations

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Anthony N. Aguirre (Physics)
Cosmology of the early and late universe: inflation and the global structure of cosmological models; the intergalactic medium and its enrichment with heavy elements; galaxy formation, evolution, and feedback processes; dark matter; theories of modified gravity

Nic Brummel (Applied Mathematics and Statistics)
Fluid dynamics;magnetohydrodynamics; numerical simulations of geophysical and astrophysical dynamics, especially solar interior physics; supercomputing

Pascale Garaud (Applied Mathematics and Statistics)
Astrophysics, geophysics, fluid dynamics, numerical resolutions of differential equations, and mathematical modeling of natural flows

Gary Glatzmaier (Earth and Planetary Sciences)
Computer simulation of geodynamics and planetary dynamics

Francis Nimmo (Earth and Planetary Sciences)
Icy satellites, accretion, Mars, planetary geophysics

Joel R. Primack (Physics)
Cosmology, galaxy, formation and evolution, particle astrophysics, nature of dark matter, gamma ray astronomy

Steven Ritz (Physics)
Particle physics and astrophysics

David M. Smith (Physics)
High-energy astrophysics; X-ray and gamma-ray detectors and instrumentation; solar, terrestrial, and planetary sources of gamma radiation

Associate Professor

Stefano Profumo (Physics)
Theory of particle physics and particle astrophysics

Assistant Professor

Ian Garrick-Bethell, (Earth and Planetary Sciences)
Planetary interiors, paleomagnetism

Tesla Jeltema
High-energy astrophysics and cosmology

Research Astronomer

Bruce Bigelow
Design, project management for complex optical-mechanical systems, astronomical instrumentation for large telescopes

Donald Gavel
Development of next generation adaptive optics for large telescopes, Director of Laboratory for Adaptive Optics

Brad Holden
Design, development, and oversight of UC Astronomy Data Center (all data obtained by UC astronomers at the Lick and Keck Observatories), early evolution of elliptical galaxies

Robert Kibrick
Development of computer software and wide-area networks in support of remote control and data-acquisition systems for telescopes and comlex astronomical instrumentation systems

Terry Mast
Development of large telescopes and their instrumentation

Drew Phillips
Extragalactic star-formation, gas-phase abundances, galaxy kinematics, and galaxy formation and evolutions; development of astronomical optics and instrumentation

Richard Stover
Development and construction of state-of-the-art detector systems for instruments at Lick Observatory and the Keck Observatory

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