Biomolecular Engineering

2013-14 General Catalog

Baskin School of Engineering
335 Baskin Engineering Building
(831) 459-2158

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Faculty and Professional Interests


Mark Akeson
DNA structure and dynamics, single-molecule biophysics, bioethics, nanopore technology

Phillip Berman
Distinguished Professor of Biomolecular Engineering
Drug development, vaccines, AIDS, monoclonal antibody therapeutics, immunology, molecular cell/biology, recombinant protein production (commercial scale)

David Haussler (Distinguished Professor of Biomolecular Engineering, Investigator, Howard Hughes Medical Institute; Director, Center for Biomolecular Science and Engineering; Scientific Co-Director, California Institute for Quantitative Biosciences [QB3])
Cancer genomics, immunogenomics, molecular evolution, neurodevelopment, comparative genomics, bioinformatics, computational molecular biology, statistical models, machine learning, neural networks

Richard Hughey (joint with Computer Engineering)
(Vice Provost and Dean of Undergraduate Education)
Bioinformatics, hidden Markov models, computer architecture, parallel computation

Kevin Karplus
Genome assembly from next-generation sequence data (Formerly protein structure prediction)

Todd Lowe
Experimental and computational genomics, non-coding RNA gene finders, and high-throughput small RNA sequencing small RNA roles in cancer, evolution of RNA-based gene regulation

Joshua Stuart
Computational functional genomics, comparative analysis of gene regulation, cross-species inference of gene networks, probabilistic graphical models

Associate Professor

Camilla Forsberg
Hematopoietic stem cells. transcriptional regulation, chromatin, blood cell development, cell surface receptors, genomics

Nader Pourmand
Bioelectronics, biosensors, chemosensors, nanotechnology, single-cell characterization, sequencing, genotyping, pathogen detection, DNA fingerprinting

Assistant Professor

Rebecca M. Dubois
Protein engineering; structural virology and biomedical applications

Richard “Ed” Green
Genomics, computational molecular biology, genome assembly, human evolutionary genetics, ancient DNA, high-throughput sequencing, mRNA-processing and alternative splicing

Research Professor

David W. Deamer (UC Davis Emeritus)
Membrane biophysics, nanopore analysis, DNA sequencing, biomolecular self-assembly

Adjunct Professor

Robert Coffman
Regulation of innate and adaptive immunity, systems biology of human immune responses, development of novel vaccines and oligonucleotide-based drugs

Jonathan Trent
Organic aggregates, marine snow, microbial physiology, microenvironments, robust proteins, genetic engineering for nanotechnology


Wendy Rothwell
Biotechnology, molecular genetics

♦ ♦ ♦

Manuel Ares, Jr. (Molecular, Cell, and Developmental Biology)
RNA processing, structure and function of RNA

Manel Camps (Microbiology and Environmental Toxicology)
Molecular mechanisms of reactive DNA methylation toxicity

William Dunbar (Computer Engineering)
Theory and application of feedback control, single-molecule biophysics, nanopore sensors, dynamics and control of biomolecules

A. Russell Flegal (Microbiology and Environmental Toxicology)
Anthropogenic perturbations of biogeochemical cycles, applications of isotopic tracers in anthropology and archaeology

Robert S. Lokey (Chemistry and Biochemistry)
Organic chemistry, combinatorial synthesis, biotechnology, molecular cell biology

Glenn L. Millhauser (Chemistry and Biochemistry)
Electron spin resonance; nuclear magnetic resonance, melanocortin receptor signaling, agouti proteins, prions, peptide synthesis

Karen Ottemann (Microbiology and Environmental Toxicology)
Environmental responses of pathogenic bacteria

John W. Tamkun (Molecular, Cell, and Developmental Biology)
Transcriptional regulation, molecular genetics of Drosophila development, regulation of gene expression

Hongyun Wang (Applied Mathematics and Statistics)
Single molecule studies and biophysics, statistical physics, stochastic processes and stochastic differential equations, classical analysis, numerical analysis

Manfred K. Warmuth (Computer Science)
Online learning, machine learning, statistical decision theory, game theory, analysis of algorithms

W. Todd Wipke, Emeritus (Chemistry and Biochemistry)

Fitnat H. Yildiz (Microbiology and Environmental Toxicology)
Microbiology, molecular genetics, genomics; the mechanism of persistence of survival of Vibrio cholerae

Alan M. Zahler (Molecular, Cell, and Developmental Biology)
Molecular biology, splice site selection, and alternative pre-mRNA processing

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