History of Art and Visual Culture

2013-14 General Catalog

D-201 Porter College
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Faculty and Professional Interests


Harry Berger Jr., Emeritus

Martin A. Berger
Gender, race, and representation in U.S. culture

Raoul Birnbaum,
Buddhist studies, especially Chinese practices from medieval times to the present; religion and visual culture in China

Carolyn Dean
Cultural histories of the native Americas and colonial Latin America

John Hay, Emeritus

Virginia Jansen, Emerita

Jasper A. Rose, Emeritus

Catherine M. Soussloff, Emerita

Associate Professor

Elisabeth Cameron, Patricia and Rowland Rebele Chair in History of Art and Visual Culture (2008-2013)
Visual cultures of central Africa, issues of gender, post-colonialism, and iconoclasm

Jennifer A. González
Contemporary theories of visual culture, semiotics, critical museum studies, photography, public and activist art in the U.S.

Donna M. Hunter
European painting (especially French) from 1600 to the 1960s; German art and visual culture between the two world wars; art as social practice; portraiture; monuments, counter-monuments, and anti-monuments

Stacy L. Kamehiro
Visual cultures of Oceania; colonial cultures; visual culture ad identity; gender studies; museums and collecting; material culture

Assistant Professor

Maria Evangelatou
Medieval visual culture with emphasis on Byzantium and its periphery; manuscript illumination, Marian cult and iconography; ancient Greek and Roman visual culture; Islamic visual culture; gender studies

Boreth Ly
Visual cultures of Southeast Asia and its diaspora: religions and materiality, theory of visual narrative, the politics of cultural translation; (post) colonial and cultural studies; issues of gender, sexuality, race, and trauma

Derek Conrad Murray
Theory and criticism of contemporary art, cultural theory, identity and representation, art of the African diaspora, popular visual culture, contemporary photography, and the ethics of art history and visual studies

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John Dizikes, Emeritus (American Studies)

Shelly Errington (Anthropology )
Globalization of folk art, visual and social semiotics, photography, film, the Internet and digital media, Southeast Asia, and Latin America

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