Digital Arts and New Media

2013-14 General Catalog

DARC 204
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Faculty and Professional Interests

Ralph H. Abraham, Professor Emeritus, Mathematics

Elliot W. Anderson, Associate Professor, Art
Electronic art, digital arts/new media

Lawrence Andrews, Associate Professor, Film and Digital Media
Film and video production, documentary, installation and media art, sound, animation

Neda Atanasoski, Assistant Professor, Feminist Studies
New media and film; critical race and ethnic studies; feminist theory; human rights and humanitarianism; war and nationalism; religion and secularism; post-socialist politics and culture in Central and Eastern Europe

Gopal Balakrishnan, Associate Professor, History of Consciousness
Classics of political thought from Plato to Rousseau, early modern and modern European intellectual history, historical sociology, the history and future of capitalism, nationalism

Brandin Baron-Nusbaum, Associate Professor, Theater Arts
Costume design, history of design

Amy C. Beal, Professor, Music
American music, 20th-century music, experimental and improvisatory performance practices, postwar and Cold War culture, German new music festivals and radio stations, piano performance, contemporary music ensemble

Tandy Beal, Lecturer, Theater Arts (Dance)
Choreography, improvisation, technique, performance skills, collaborations with classical and jazz composers, circus, theater and video, children's productions

James H. Bierman, Professor, Theater Arts (Drama)
Playwriting, theater history and literature, classical and Renaissance drama, Chicano theater, digital media

Kirsten Brandt, Lecturer, Theater Arts (Drama)
Associate Artistic Director, San Jose Repertory Theatre

Benjamin L. Carson, Associate Professor, Music
Theories of consciousness and cognition, rhythm perception, Schoenberg, history of compositional method, subjectivity and identity

Michael Chemers, Associate Professor, Theater Arts
Theater history and theory, playwriting, dramaturgy, acting

Alan Christy, Associate Professor, History
Early modern and modern Japan; history of social sciences, colonialism, nationalism

Vilashini Cooppan, Associate Professor, Literature
Postcolonial studies; comparative and world literature; literatures of slavery and diaspora; globalization studies; cultural theory of race and ethnicity

David H. Cope, Professor Emeritus, Music

E. G. Crichton, Professor, Art
Intermedia, electronic arts, photography, installation

David L. Cuthbert, Associate Professor, Theater Arts
Lighting design, CADD, projection design, scenic design

Sharon A. Daniel, Professor, Film and Digital Media
Community-based public art in information and communications environments, social and political aspects of information technology, community networks, participatory culture, digital inclusion, net art, human-computer interface design

James E. Davis, Associate Professor, Computer Science
Computer graphics and computer vision, methods for acquiring and manipulating complex graphical models from the real world

Kate Edmunds, Associate Professor, Theater Arts
Set design for theater and film

Peter Q. Elsea, Lecturer, Music
Electronic music and music technology

Shelly E. Errington, Professor, Anthropology
Globalization of folk art, visual and social semiotics, photography, film, the Internet and digital media, Southeast Asia, and Latin America

M. Kathleen Foley, Professor, Theater Arts (Drama)
Asian theater, Southeast Asian studies, performance studies, maskwork, puppetry, multicultural theater

Mark Franko, Professor, Theater Arts (Dance)
Dance history and theory, choreography, technique, performance studies, theatrical theory in historical and critical perspective

Patty Gallagher, Associate Professor, Theater Arts (Dance)
Movement training for actors, circus and clown traditions, and Indonesian dance/performance

Jennifer A. González, Associate Professor, History of Art and Visual Culture
Contemporary theories of visual culture, semiotics, critical museum studies, photography, public and activist art in the U.S.

Shelby Graham, Lecturer, Digital Arts and New Media

Irene Gustafson, Associate Professor, Film and Digital Media
Producing across the boundaries between "theory" and "practice," non-fiction media, experimental film/video, production design, gender and queer studies

Helen Mayer Harrison, Research Professor, Digital Art and New Media

Newton Harrison, Research Professor, Digital Art and New Media

Barney Haynes, Lecturer, Digital Arts and New Media
Video art, performance, reactive installation, and invasive media recombining themes and industrial surplus into media machines that evolve and mutate

Karlton Hester, Associate Professor, Music
Premeditated, electroacoustic, and spontaneous composition; flutes, saxophones, and interdisciplinary performance; improvisational and Afrocentric music theory, analysis and history

Dee Hibbert-Jones, Associate Professor, Art
Public art, sculpture

Eli E. Hollander, Professor Emeritus, Film and Digital Media

Donna M. Hunter, Associate Professor, History of Art and Visual Culture
European painting (especially French) from 1600 to the 1960s; German art and visual culture between the two world wars; art as social practice, portraiture

Robin James, Associate Professor, Philosophy (UNC Charlotte)
Contemporary continental philosophy, feminist theory, and critical race/postcolonial theory 

Kimberly Jannarone, Associate Professor, Theater Arts (Drama)
Directing, dramaturgy, dramatic theory and criticism, theater history, acting

Arnav Jhala, Assistant Professor, Computer Science
Artificial intelligence: video games, graphics, and intelligent user interfaces

David E. Jones, Professor, Music; Provost, Porter College
Composition and analysis, chamber opera, Balkan music, language and music, timbre and orchestration

James Khazar, Lecturer, Art

Christine L. King, Lecturer, Kresge College

Mark Krumholz, Associate Professor, Astronomy and Astrophysics
Star formation, interstellar medium, numerical methods

Sri Kurniawan, Assistant Professor, Computer Engineering
Human-computer interaction; human factors and ergonomics; accessibility; assistive technology; usability; empirical studies; user-centered design

John Jota Leanos, Assistant Professor, Social Documentation
Documentary animation, social documentation, social art practice, community arts, Chicana/o art and culture, new media, critical media studies, cultural studies, documentary photography, installation art, public art and interventionist art practice

Norman Locks, Professor, Art

Charles L. Lord, Professor Emeritus, Film and Digital Media

Paul M. Lubeck, Professor Emeritus, Sociology

Irene Lusztig, Assistant Professor, Film and Digital Media
Film and video production, experimental documentary, ethnographic film, autobiographical film, editing

Dominic W. Massaro, Professor Emeritus, Psychology

Michael J. Mateas, Professor, Computer Science
Artificial Intelligence (AI) for art and entertainment, game AI, AI and creativity, AI-based interactive storytelling, autonomous characters

Charles McDowell, Professor, Computer Science; Associate Dean of Engineering for Undergraduate Affairs
Programming languages, parallel computing, and computer science education

Margaret E. Morse, Professor Emerita, Film and Digital Media

Derek C. Murray, Assistant Professor, History of Art and Visual Culture
Contemporary art, globalization, theory and criticism, African-diaspora art, visual-culture studies, cultural theory

Soraya Murray, Assistant Professor, Film and Digital Media
Contemporary visual culture and representation including: new media art; projected arts; photography; electronic games; theories of art and globalization; representations of migration and otherness

Spencer Nakasako, Lecturer, Social Documentation

Paul Nauert, Professor, Music
Theory, composition; rhythm and meter; music cognition; mathematical and computer models of the compositional process

Dard A. Neuman, Assistant Professor, Music; Kamil and Talat Hasan Endowed Chair in Classical Indian Music
Ethnomusicology; Hindustani music; colonialism, nationalism, technology and performance; sitar

A. Todd Newberry, Professor Emeritus, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Marcia Ochoa, Associate Professor, Feminist Studies
Gender and sexuality, race and ethnicity, Latina/o studies, media and cultural studies, ethnography of media, feminism, queer theory, geography, multimedia production, graphic design, colonialism and modernity, Latin American studies—Colombia and Venezuela

Kate O'Riordan, Associate Professor, Art
Theory, digital media technologies.

Alex Pang, Professor, Computer Science
Uncertainty visualization, tensor visualization, scientific visualization, collaboration software, virtual reality interfaces

Jennifer Parker, Associate Professor, Art
Sculpture, installation, video, and performance art

Stephen C. Petersen, Lecturer, Computer Engineering
Embedded controller systems, RF wireless systems, modulation and spectrum reuse, digital signal processing, circuit theory

Eric Porter, Professor, American Studies
Black cultural and intellectual history; U.S. cultural history and cultural studies; critical race and ethnic studies;

S. Ravi Rajan, Associate Professor, Environmental Studies
Environmental history and political ecology, risk and disaster studies, science and technology studies, North-South environmental conflicts, environmental social theory, environmental ethics

B. Ruby Rich, Professor, Social Documentation
Documentary film and video, post-9/11 culture, new queer cinema, feminist film history, Latin American and Latin/a cinema, U.S. independent film and video, the essay film, the politics of film festival proliferation and the marketing of foreign films in the U.S.

Adrienne Roberts, Lecturer, Art

Warren Sack, Professor, Film and Digital Media
Software design and media theory

Daniel Scheie, Professor, Theater Arts (Drama)
Acting, directing, dramatic literature, theater history, Shakespeare, Wagner, gay studies

Barry Sinervo, Professor, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Animal behavior, evolution, physiological ecology

Elizabeth Stephens, Professor, Art
Intermedia, electronic art, sculpture, and performance art

Renee Tajima-Pena, Professor, Social Documentation
Documentary film and video focusing on Asian American and immigrant communities, media, and social change

Gustavo Vazquez, Associate Professor, Film and Digital Media
Film and video production, directing drama, documentary and experimental cross-cultural experiences in film, film curator

Fabian Wagmister, Associate Professor, Film and TV (UCLA)

Edward C. Warburton, Associate Professor, Theater Arts
Development of dance thought in action, creative processes, and technology in theater arts; dance technique, movement research and composition, and applied dance practices

Noah Wardrip-Fruin, Associate Professor, Computer Science
Digital media, computer games, electronic literature, software studies

Zachary Watkins, Lecturer, Music
Music composition, engineering, sound art

Lewis G. Watts, Associate Professor, Art

Jeff Watson, Assistant Professor, Digital Futures (OCAD University)

Emmet J. Whitehead, Associate Professor, Computer Science
Software engineering, software configuration management, web, hypertext, collaborative authoring, hypertext versioning, Internet information systems

Don Williams, Director, Cultural Arts and Diversity Center
African American Theater Arts Troupe, Rainbow Theatre

Rob Wilson, Professor, Literature
Transnational and postcolonial literatures, especially as located and transformed in Asia/Pacific; cultural-political emergences as posited against empires of globalization; cultural poetics of America in the Pacific and Oceania; the sublime, Longinus to Hiroshima; poetics of experimental writing, especially poetry; the poetry and cultural poetics of Bob Dylan; Beat beatitude, social and literary, from Jesus to Juliana Spahr et al; San Francisco as Global City, with its literature read as archive of vision and critique; Pacific Rim cities from Hong Kong and Seoul to Taipei, Kaohsiung, Shanghai, Honolulu, San Francisco, and Los Angeles

Richard Wohlfeiler, Lecturer, Art
Printmaking, drawing

David Yager, Professor, Art
Photography, design, and print media

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