Spanish Studies

2013-14 General Catalog

Language Program
218 Cowell College
(831) 459-2054

Program Description

Faculty and Professional Interests


Jorge Aladro Font (Literature)
Spanish mysticism, theory and historical developments of imagery in the Middle Ages to the baroque period, Renaissance and baroque Hispanic literature, Italian ideas in the Spanish Renaissance, Cervantes

Norma Klahn (Literature)
Latin American literary and cultural studies (specialization: Mexico), Chicano/Latino literature and culture from a cross-border perspective, modernity/postmodernity, poetics and politics, genre theory (novel, poetry, autobiography), contemporary critical theories (i.e., border, ethnic, feminist, transnational/global)

Lourdes Martínez-Echazábal (Literature)
Latin American and Caribbean literatures; Afro-Latin American literatures, cultures, and societies; found[n]ational narratives; Brazilian literature; literatures of Cuba and the Cuban diaspora; critical race theory

Juan Poblete (Literature)
Latin(o) American literatures; transnational/global cultures (literature, radio, film); Latin(o) American cultural studies; 19th-century studies; the history of reading practices

Associate Professor

Eve Zyzik
Spanish linguistics, second language acquisition, cognitive linguistics, language pedagogy and curriculum design

Senior Lecturer

Maria Victoria González-Pagani
Language teaching methodology; Spanish syntax; computer-assisted foreign language learning; Latin American cultural studies, especially women's contributions

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