2013-14 General Catalog

401 Engineering 2
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Faculty and Professional Interests


Michael P. Dooley
International finance, monetary theory and policy

Robert W. Fairlie
Labor economics, public policy, entrepreneurship, applied econometrics

Daniel Friedman
Microeconomic theory, experimental economics, evolution and learning, behavioral economics, financial markets

K.C. Fung
International trade and finance, WTO, foreign direct investment, global environmental economics, and Asia/Pacific economies

Michael M. Hutchison
International finance, open economy macroeconomics, emerging markets, European and Asian financial markets

Kenneth Kletzer
International economics, macroeconomics, economic development 

Nirvikar Singh
Industrial organization, political economy, economic development, technology and innovation, South Asian immigrants in the U.S., Indian economy, Sikhs and the Punjab

Carl E. Walsh
Monetary theory and policy, macroeconomics

Donald A. Wittman
Economic theory, politics, law

Associate Professor

Carlos E. Dobkin
Public health, public policy, and econometrics

Bernard L. Elbaum
Economic history

Justin G. Marion
Public economics, empirical industrial organization

Thomas Wu
International finance, macroeconomics, Brazilian macroeconomics policy

Assistant Professor

Eric Aldrich
Macroeconomics, finance, computational economics, financial econometrics

George Bulman
Public economics, labor economics, economics of education

Aspen Gorry
Macroeconomics, search theory, employment and labor market policies

Weishi Gu
Macroeconomics, international economics, labor economics and computational economics

Jennifer P. Poole
International trade; Latin American economics; applied microeconomics

Jonathan Robinson
Development economics, program evaluation and applied microeconomics

Hikaru Saijo
Macroeconomics, applied econometrics

Alan Spearot
International trade; industrial organization, applied econometrics

Adjunct Professor

Sharath Sury
Investment management and research, porfolio theory, strategic asset allocation, active risk budgeting, hedge funds, alpha/beta risk separation


Julie Hupton Gonzalez
Environmental economics and policy, natural resource economics and policy, microeconomics, energy economics, managerial economics


Robert F. Adams, Emeritus

Joshua Aizenman, Emeritus

Yin-Wong Cheung, Emeritus

Mary Flannery, Emerita Lecturer

Ronald E. Grieson, Emeritus

John W. Isbister, Emeritus

David E. Kaun, Emeritus

Lori G. Kletzer, Emerita

Jacob B. Michaelsen, Emeritus

Peggy B. Musgrave, Emerita

Robert J. Shepherd, Emeritus Senior Lecturer

♦ ♦ ♦

John T. Musacchio, Assistant Professor of Information Systems Management
Control, analysis, and pricing of communications networks; applications of game theory in networking; wireless ad-hoc networks; and management of technology

Kevin G. Ross, Assistant Professor of Information Systems Management
Service engineering and management; resource allocation; operations research, pricing, scheduling; queueing theory; networks

Helen Shapiro, Associate Professor of Sociology
Political economy, Latin American economic history and development (with an emphasis on Brazil), industrial policy, the auto industry, the state and transnational corporations

Yi Zhang, Associate Professor of Technology and Information Management
Information retrieval, knowledge management, natural language processing, machine learning

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