2013-14 General Catalog

217 Social Sciences I Building
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Faculty and Professional Interests


Margaret (Greta) A. Gibson, Emerita

June A. Gordon
Urban comparative education; sociology of education; schooling and society in Japan, China, the U.K., and the U.S.A.; marginalized youth and economic conditions

Judit Moschkovich
Mathematics cognition and learning; student conceptions of linear functions; discourse in mathematics and science classrooms; everyday mathematical practices; and bilingual mathematics learners

Rodney Ogawa
Educational leadership, educational reform, and the impact of social institutions on the structure of school organization

Art Pearl, Emeritus

Lucinda Pease-Alvarez
Language and literacy development, language-minority education, bilingualism, informal learning

Trish Stoddart
Teacher education, science education, educational reform

David Swanger, Emeritus

Kip Téllez
Preparation of teachers for linguistic and cultural diversity, second language learning, studies of the school curriculum, educational assessment

Roland G. Tharp, Emeritus

C. Gordon Wells, Emeritus

Associate Professor

Doris Ash
Informal science learning, teacher professional development, science discourse in and out of the classroom

Lora Bartlett
Educational policy and school reform, schools as workplaces for teachers, the conditions of teachers’ commitment

George Bunch
Language and education in linguistically diverse settings, preparation of teachers for linguistic diversity, language policy, and bilingualism

Ron Glass
Moral and political philosophy and education, ideology and education, race and education, urban school reform

Brad Olsen
Teacher development (with emphasis on knowledge and identity), English education, and sociolinguistics

Judith Scott
Literacy and language learning; academic language; reading, writing, vocabulary development; teachers’ professional development through collaboration and inquiry

Jerome Shaw
Scientific inquiry, specifically examining the science education experiences of English language learners and their teachers; includes examining ways in which assessments in English measure content knowledge versus language proficiency

Assistant Professor

Cynthia Cruz
Street ethnography; community-based learning and pedagogies; decolonial feminist pedagogies; Chicana studies and epistemologies; U.S. Third World Feminisms; cultural studies and education

Eduardo Mosqueda
Mathematics education of English learners; large-scale data set quantitative analysis; urban education issues

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Catherine R. Cooper (Psychology)
Cultural perspectives on child and adolescent development; linkages among families, peers, schools, and work; issues of diversity, ethnicity, and gender in identity; research, practice, and policy in university outreach programs; linking qualitative and quantitative research

Bruce N. Cooperstein (Mathematics)
Algebra, algebraic number theory

Barbara Rogoff (Psychology)
Human development in sociocultural activity; informal and formal arrangements for learning; adult/child and peer communication in families and schools in diverse cultural communities; learning through observation; cognitive development, especially problem solving, planning, and attention

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