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2013-14 General Catalog

Baskin School of Engineering
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Alexandre Brandwajn
Performance modeling, queueing network models of computer systems and operating systems, computer architecture

Gabriel Elkaim
Embedded systems; robust software architectures for real-time reactive systems; sensor fusion; guidance, navigation, and control (GNC) system identification; robust and advanced control schemes; feedback control systems; robotics; unmanned autonomous vehicles (UAVs); and cooperative control

F. Joel Ferguson
Fault diagnosis, failure analysis, logic fault modeling, digital test pattern generation, design-for-test of digital circuits and systems

J. J. García-Luna-Aceves (Department Chair)
Baskin Professor of Computer Engineering and Director of Networking Sciences Institute
Computer communication, wireless networks, Internet, network science

Richard Hughey (joint with Biomolecular Engineering)
(Vice Provost and Dean of Undergraduate Education)
Bioinformatics, hidden Markov models, computer architecture, parallel computation

Glen G. Langdon Jr., Emeritus

Tracy Larrabee
Test-pattern simulation and generation, fault modeling, fault diagnosis, design verification, technical writing, logic simulation

Roberto Manduchi
Computer vision and sensor processing, with application to assistive technology for the visually impaired

Patrick E. Mantey
Associate Dean, Industry Programs
Jack Baskin Endowed Professor of Computer Engineering
CITRIS Campus Director
Director of ITI
Multimedia systems, digital signal processing, sensor systems and networks, real-time monitoring and control, image systems, image processing, visualization, geographic information systems, decision support systems

Katia Obraczka
Computer networks, distributed systems, operating systems, Internet information systems, mobile computing, wireless networks

Martine D. F. Schlag
VLSI design tools and algorithms, VLSI theory, field-programmable gate arrays, FPGA-based computing engines

Anujan Varma
Computer networking, computer architecture, optical networks

Associate Professor

Pak K. Chan, Emeritus

William Dunbar
Theory and application of feedback control, single molecule biophysics, nanopore sensors, dynamics and control of biomolecules

Matthew R. Guthaus
VLSI, CAD, design for reliability and variability, resonant clocking, sub-threshold circuits

Sri Kurniawan
Human-computer interaction; human factors and ergonomics; accessibility; assistive technology; usability; empirical studies; human-centered design

Jose Renau
Computer architecture, including design effort metrics and models, infrared thermal measurements, thermal modeling, process variability, energy efficient data-centers, thread level speculation, and FPGA/ASIC design

Jacob Rosen
Biorobotics; human-centered robotics; medical robotics, surgery and rehabilitation; wearable robotics (exoskeleton); teleoperation, haptics and virtual reality, biomechanics, neuromuscular control  and human-machine interfaces

Adjunct Professor

Victoria Bellotti
Focus on user-centered design of context- and activity-aware computing systems

Renwick Curry
Control and optimization with special attention to aviation; air-traffic control; and collision-avoidance system design and analysis

Peter Danzig
Internet web caching, scalable techniques to stream internet media around the world, scalable mechanisms to dynamically transform web content as applied to security for residential and enterprise networks

Harwood G. Kolsky, Retired

Associate Adjunct Professor

Mircea Teodorescu
Dynamics, vibrations, contact mechanics, biomechanics

Assistant Adjunct Professor

Andrea Di Blas
Parallel computer architectures, parallel applications and programming models, combinatorial optimization

David Pease
File systems, operating systems, storage, programming languages

Bruce Sawhill
Self-organizing systems, distributed control, dynamic scheduling, many-agent systems, agent-based simulation, game theory, computational logic, dynamics of social and economic networks, foundation of nonequilibrium economics

Cedric Westphal
Internet working and wireless networks, with special attention to analytical modeling


Gerald Moulds
Technical writing, professional communications

Stephen C. Petersen
Embedded controller systems, RF wireless systems, modulation and spectrum reuse, digital signal processing, circuit theory

Bradley Smith
Computer communications, distributed systems, policy-based routing, routing protocols, security and trust in distributed systems

♦ ♦ ♦

Luca De Alfaro (Computer Science)
Reputation systems, crowdsourcing, game theory, formal methods

Benjamin Friedlander (Electrical Engineering)
Digital communications, wireless communication system, array processing, adaptive signal processing

Qi Gong (Applied Mathematics and Statistics)
Computational methods for real-time control systems, trajectory optimization and motion planning, nonlinear filtering and observer design, robust and adaptive control of nonlinear systems, industry applications of control theory

Claire Gu (Electrical Engineering)
Fiber sensors for bio-applications, optical fiber communications, volume holographic data storage, liquid crystal displays, nonlinear optics, optical information processing

Kevin Karplus (Biomolecular Engineering)
Genome assembly from next-generation sequence data. (Formerly protein structure prediction)

Suresh K. Lodha (Computer Science)
Visualization, vision, innovation

Darrell D. E. Long (Computer Science)
Storage systems, distributed computing systems, operating systems, mobile computing, performance evaluation, fault tolerance, computer security, multimedia, and video-on-demand systems

Dominic W. Massaro, Emeritus

Charles E. McDowell (Computer Science)
Programming languages, parallel computing, and computer science education

Peyman Milanfar (Electrical Engineering)
Statistical signal, image, and video processing; computational vision and photography; modeling and inverse problems in imaging; detection and estimation theory

Ethan L. Miller (Computer Science)
Archival storage systems, non-hierarchical file systems and metadata management, non-volatile memory and next-generation storage, scalable file systems, reliable and secure storage, distributed systems, information retrieval, computer security

Dejan Milutinović (Applied Mathematics and Statistics)
Stochastic, dynamical systems and statistical signal processing, multi-agent systems/robotics, systems biology/immune system, optimal control, hybrid and discrete event systems

John Musacchio (Technology and Information Management)
Control, analysis, and pricing of communications networks; applications of game theory in networking; wireless ad-hoc networks; and management of technology

Alex T. Pang (Computer Science)
Uncertainty visualization, tensor visualization, scientific visualization, comparative visualization, collaboration software, virtual reality interfaces

Ira Pohl, Emeritus

Hamid Sadjadpour (Electrical Engineering)
Wireless communication systems, network information theory and scaling laws, performance analysis of wireless and social networks, routing and MAC protocol design for wireless networks

Patrick Tantalo
Graph theory, combinatorics, optimization, algorithms

Linda Werner
Software engineering, computer science education, testing, social issues

E. James Whitehead, Jr. (Computer Science)
Software engineering, software evolution, software bug prediction, level design in computer games, procedural content generation

Donald Wiberg, Emeritus (UCLA)
Control systems, Kalman filtering, system parameter estimation, adaptive optics for large telescopes, and biomedical system modeling

Yi Zhang (Technology and Information Management)
Large-scale information retrieval, recommendation systems, internet advertising, data mining, language processing, and applied machine learing

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