2013-14 General Catalog

History Department
201 Humanities
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Faculty and Professional Interests

Karen Bassi (Literature)
Greek and Latin literatures; gender literary and cultural theory, pre- and early modern studies, historiography; visual and performance studies

Mary-Kay Gamel (Literature)
Performance studies, ancient Mediterranean performance, Greek and Latin literatures, myth, reception of Greek and Roman texts and artifacts, film, feminist approaches to literature and performance

Gildas Hamel (History)
History of Israel; Hebrew and Greek Bible; Hellenistic and Roman Palestine, and Christianity; social history of the ancient world; history of technology; classical languages; Celtic cultures

Charles W. Hedrick Jr. (History)
Greek and Roman history

John P. Lynch (Literature), Emeritus

Jennifer Lynn (History)
Later Roman Republic and Principate; Homeric epic; Hellenistic and Augustan poetry

Daniel Selden (Literature)
Afroasiatic languages and literatures, Greek and Latin, Hellenistic culture, the classical tradition, history of criticism, literary theory

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