Chemistry and Biochemistry

2013-14 General Catalog

 Chemistry and Biochemistry Department
230 Physical Sciences Building
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Physical and Biological Sciences Undergraduate Affairs
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Faculty and Professional Interests


Ilan Benjamin
Theoretical chemistry, molecular dynamics of chemical reactions in liquids and at interfaces

Claude F. Bernasconi
Kinetic studies of fast reactions, organic reaction mechanisms, acid-base catalysis, proton transfers, nucleophilic reactions, organometallic reactions, ab initio molecular orbital calculations

Roberto A. Bogomolni
Biophysical chemistry, photobiology, light energy conversion and signal transduction in biological systems

Rebecca Braslau
Synthetic organic chemistry: new synthetic methodologies using free radicals; nitroxides, nitroxide mediated “living” polymerizations: design and functionalization of tailored polymers for biomedical applications and nanotechnology, profluorescent nitroxides as sensors, synthetically modified polymers

Shaowei Chen
Synthesis, characterization, and manipulation of novel functional nanomaterials (metals and semiconductors); surface engineering of nanoparticles; nanoscale electron transfer; applications in fuel cells, photocatalysis, photovoltaics, and nano optoelectronics

Ólöf Einarsdóttir
Time-resolved spectroscopy; biophysics and bioenergetics; heme-copper oxidases; electron transfer and ligand binding; application of photolabile NO and 02 donors; molecular dynamics simulations of ligand access channels in heme-copper oxidases

Theodore R. Holman
Biochemistry and bioinorganic chemistry; lipoxygenase enzymology, protein engineering, inhibitor discovery, computer inhibitor design, mass spectroscopy, electron paramagnetic resonance

Joseph P. Konopelski
Synthetic organic chemistry; heterocyclic chemistry, bioorganic chemistry

R.Scott Lokey
Organic chemistry; combinatorial synthesis, biotechnology, molecular cell biology

Pradip Mascharak
Bioinorganic chemistry, design of antitumor drugs, modeling of active sites of metalloenzymes, design of catalysts for hydrocarbon oxidation, studies on intermediates in non-heme oxygenase chemistry, design of NO-donors for photodynamic therapy

Glenn L. Millhauser
Electron spin resonance; nuclear magnetic resonance, melanocortin receptor signaling, agouti proteins, prions, peptide synthesis

Scott R. Oliver
Materials chemistry: nanoporous crystals for environmental cleanup, catalysis and biomaterials; polymer templating of metal oxides for solar cells and water splitting

William G. Scott
Structure and function of RNA, proteins, and their complexes, origin of life

Bakthan Singaram
Organic synthesis, organoborane chemistry, heterocyclic chemistry, organometallic chemistry, asymmetric synthesis, biosensors, and natural products chemistry

Jin Z. Zhang
Design, synthesis, characterization, and application of nanomaterials, including semiconductors, metals, and metal oxides; ultrafast dynamics and laser spectroscopy;  cancer diagnosis and therapy; solar energy conversion; surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS)

Associate Professor

Yat Li
Experimental physical chemistry, nanomaterials, energy conversion and storage, microbial fuel cell technology

Roger G. Linington
Marine natural products; drugs for neglected diseases; chemical biology; chemical probes

Seth M. Rubin
Biomolecular mechanisms of cell-cycle regulation and cancer; structural biology and biochemistry; macromolecular x-ray crystallography; nuclear magnetic resonance

Assistant Professor

Carrie Partch
Biochemistry and biophysics, nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy; molecular mechanism of circadian rhythmicity

Michael Stone
Molecular basis of telomere length and telomerase-related diseases; biophysical characterization of nucleic acid-associated molecular motors; development of novel approaches for imaging enzymes in cells

Chemistry and Biochemistry Emeritus Faculty

Roger W. Anderson
Experiments and theory for low temperature, light-activated chemical vapor deposition, achromatic focusing of molecules with external electric fields, discrete orthoganol polynomials in molecular collision theory, theory fractal geometry structural measures for large molecules

Frank C. Andrews

Joseph F. Bunnett
Physical organic chemistry, with special attention to mechanisms of aromatic nucleophilic substitution 

Philip O. Crews

Marine natural products chemistry, bioorganic chemistry, organic structural analysis by NMR, natural products of marine macro- and microorganisms

David S. Kliger
Time-resolved laser spectroscopy, biophysics, studies of visual transduction, protein function, and protein folding 

Thomas W. Schleich
Biomedical magnetic resonance spectroscopy, magnetic resonance imaging, nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy, biophysical chemistry 

Eugene Switkes
Quantum theory applied to problems in chemistry and biochemistry; visual information processing, spatial vision, color vision

Stanley M. Williamson

W. Todd Wipke
Molecular engineering for drug discovery; computational chemistry in improving cancer chemotherapy, solar energy conversion, and continuous glucose monitoring 


Daniel Palleros

Randa Roland

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Kenneth W. Bruland (Ocean Sciences)
Chemical oceanography, biogeochemistry of trace metals and radionuclides, aquatic chemistry, geochemistry

A. Russell Flegal (Microbiology and Environmental Toxicology)
Anthropogenic perturbations of biogeochemical cycles, applications of isotopic tracers in anthropology and archaeology

Donald R. Smith (Microbiology and Environmental Toxicology)
Neurotoxicity, cellular and organismal responses to environmental toxins

Manel Camps  (Microbiology and Environmental Toxicology)
Molecular mechanisms of reactive DNA methylation toxicity

Phillip Berman (Biomolecular Engineering)
Drug development vaccines, AIDS, monoclonal antibody therapeutics, immunology, molecular cell/biology, recombinant protein production (commercial scale)

Holger Schmidt (Electrical Engineering)

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