2013-14 General Catalog

Language Program
218 Cowell College
(831) 459-2054

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Faculty and Professional Interests


Carla Freccero (Literature, History of Consciousness, Feminist Studies)
Renaissance studies; French and Italian language and literature; early modern studies; postcolonial theories and literature; contemporary feminist theories and politics; queer theory; U.S. popular culture; posthumanism; animal studies

Pascale Gaitet, Emerita (Literature)
Nineteenth- and 20th-century French literature, sociolinguistics, political history, Celine, Genet

Sharon Kinoshita (Literature)
Mediterranean studies; medieval francophone and Mediterranean literature; literature, translation, and empire; postcolonial and globalization theory; Marco Polo; world literature and cultural studies

Richard Terdiman, Emeritus

Associate Professor

Bryan Donaldson (French)
Word order variation in second-language French and historical French through the lens of information structure, discourse analysis, and sociolinguistics


Angela Elsey
Francophonie, 19th-century French history and civilization, French and Francophone cinema

Greta Hutchison
Foreign language pedagogy, second language acquisition, 20th-century French history and civilization, medieval French literature, 19th-century literature and art

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