2013-14 General Catalog

211 Interdisciplinary Sciences Building
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Faculty and Professional Interests


Anthony N. Aguirre
Cosmology of the early and late universe: inflation and the global structure of cosmological models; the intergalactic medium and its enrichment with heavy elements; galaxy formation, evolution, and feedback processes; dark matter; theories of modified gravity

Thomas Banks
String and particle theory, quantum gravity, and cosmology

David P. Belanger
Experimental condensed matter physics, phase transitions

Frank G. Bridges, Emeritus

George Brown, Emeritus

Sue A. Carter
Experimental condensed matter physics, polymer physics, molecular electronics, phase transitions, electronic and optical properties of materials

Joshua M. Deutsch
Condensed matter theory

Michael Dine
Theory of elementary particles

David E. Dorfan, Emeritus

George D. Gaspari, Emeritus

Howard E. Haber
Theory and phenomenology of fundamental particles and their interactions

Clemens A. Heusch, Emeritus

Robert P. Johnson
Experimental high-energy physics, astrophysics

Onuttom Narayan
Theoretical condensed matter physics

Michael Nauenberg, Emeritus

Joel R. Primack
Cosmology, galaxy, formation and evolution, particle astrophysics, nature of dark matter, gamma ray astronomy

Steven Ritz
Particle physics and astrophysics

Bruce Rosenblum, Emeritus

Matthew Sands, Emeritus

Zack Schlesinger
Experimental condensed matter physics, infrared and optical spectroscopy, strongly correlated electron systems, novel materials, negative thermal expansion, underconstraint and geometrical frustration

Bruce Schumm
Experimental particle physics

Peter L. Scott , Emeritus

Abraham Seiden
Experimental high-energy physics

Sriram Shastry
Condensed matter physics, strongly correlated matter, Mott-Hubbard physics, high Tc superconductivity, quantum magnetism, exactly integrable systems, exactly solvable models of many-body systems and in statistical mechanics, quantum chaos, geometric frustration

David M. Smith
High-energy astrophysics; X-ray and gamma-ray detectors and instrumentation; solar, terrestrial, and planetary sources of gamma radiation

A. Peter Young
Condensed matter theory, statistical mechanics

Associate Professor

Jason Nielsen
Experimental high-energy physics

Stefano Profumo
Theory of particle physics and particle astrophysics

Assistant Professor

Gey-Hong Gweon
Experimental condensed matter physics

Tesla Jeltema
High-energy astrophysics and cosmology

Alexander Sher
Development of experimental techniques for recording and stimulation of activity at hundreds of neurons and use of these techniques to study neural function, structure, and development


Rachel Dewey
Astrophysics, radio astronomy, neutron stars, science education

Fred Kuttner
Foundations of quantum mechanics; physics education

Adriane Steinacker
Planet formation, MHD simulations

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George R. Blumenthal (Astronomy and Astrophysics)
Cosmology, galaxy formation, high-energy astrophysics

Pascale Garaud (Applied Mathematics and Statistics)
Astrophysics, geophysics, fluid dynamics, numerical resolutions of differential equations, and mathematical modeling of natural flows

Wentai Liu (Electrical Engineering)
Retinal prosthesis, biomimetic systems, integrated neuro-electronics, molecular electronics, CMOS and SOI transceiver design, current mode band limited signaling, microelectronic sensor, timing/clock recovery and optimization, noise characterization and modeling, and computer vision/image processing

William G. Mathews, Emeritus

Richard Montgomery (Mathematics)
Celestial mechanics, differential geometry, gauge theory, mechanics (quantum and classical), and control theory

Arthur Ramirez (Dean, Baskin Engineering; Electrical Engineering)
Experimental materials physics encompassing a broad range of systems including semiconductors, superconductors, magnets, thermoelectrics, and dielectrics. Research that connects materials and devices, with a focus on oxides and organics. Many-body physics that arises from geometrical frustration of low energy degrees of freedom. Techniques include ultra-low temperatures and high magnetic fields, thermodynamic and transport measurements, defect spectroscopy, and device characterization.

Ali Shakouri (Electrical Engineering)
Quantum electronics, nano- and microscale heat and current transport in semiconductor devices; thermoelectric/thermionic energy conversion; renewable energy sources; thermal imaging; micro-refrigerators on a chip; and optoelectronic integrated circuits

Associate Professor

Joel A. Kubby (Electrical Engineering)
Micro-Electro-Mechanical-Systems (MEMS), adaptive optics, integrated optics, bio-MEMS

Assistant Professor

Holger Schmidt (Electrical Engineering)
Integrated optics for biomedicine and quantum optics, nano-magento-optics, semiconductor physics, optoelectonic and photonic devices, ultrafast optics, quantum interference

Johannes Walcher (Mathematics)
String theory, mirror symmetry, mathematical and particle physics

Adjunct Professor

William Atwood

Donald Coyne, Emeritus

Alan Litke

Michael Riordan

Hartmut F.-W. Sadrozinski

Terry L. Schalk

David A. Williams

Research Physicist

Al Eisner, Emeritus

Vitaliy Fadeyev

Alexander Grillo

William Lockman

Troy Porter

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