Forms and Petitions for Students

Following is a list of the most often requested forms and petitions used by the Office of the Registrar.


Petition to Withdraw from a Coursenew student process coming soon

Add by Petition Guidelines and Form

Credit by Petition (fee posting)

Enrollment Verification Request

Petition for Removal of Incomplete


Apply/Reapply for Graduation (Undergraduates)

Late Apply/Reapply to Graduate

Diploma Re-Order Request

Certificate of Completion of Degree Requirements

Undergraduate Petition to Waive Senior Residence

Diploma Notarization Request Form (see FAQs about notarization)

Major/College Petitions

Petition for Change of College

Academic Senate Information on Individual Major

Petition for Substitution or Waiver of General Education Requirements

Petition for Undergraduate Special Study Course

Request for Drop of a Major/Minor

Declaration of Major/Minor Study Plan

Personal Information

Request for Change of Name on University Records

Request for Change of Name and Gender on University Records

Request for Change of Social Security Number on University Records

Request for Change of Date of Birth on University Records

Registration: Fees/Withdrawal-Leave of Absence

Petition for Waiver of Late Fee

Withdrawal and Leave of Absence

Special Programs

Application for Cross Enrollment

Domestic Exchange Program Application

Intercampus Visitor Application Form

Undergraduate Part-Time Cancellation Form

Undergraduate Part-Time Enrollment Application

University Part-Time Final Quarter Approval

Simultaneous Enrollment with other UC Campuses


Letter of Reciprocity

Transcripts (see the information concerning Ordering Transcripts)


Veterans Benefit Services Enrollment Form

Veterans Benefits Services Verification Form

Documentation of Self Support for Residency

Fall 2019

Winter 2020

Spring 2020

Revised 02/06/20