College Affiliation

Every undergraduate is a member of one of UCSC’s 10 colleges. The college system is designed to foster intellectual, cultural, and residential communities within the larger campus community. Although the colleges are similar in their educational missions, they differ in subtle ways: their intellectual and social traditions, the different designs of their student governments, and the predominant interests of their students and faculty.

The smaller scale of your college promotes ongoing, informed, and supportive relationships when you seek advice and help from advising staff, student-life staff, faculty advisers, and others in the community. Whether for understanding and negotiating the bureaucracy or advice about complex personal problems, the college office is a good place to start asking questions about anything that affects your academic work or social life while a student.

Many student activities are coordinated through the colleges. Students interested in initiating programs or activities should contact the college programs coordinator (CPC).

Revised 10/10/12