College Change Procedure

  • The Change of College petition is available here. There is no charge for this petition.

  • Obtain the approval of both the current college and the new college. The academic adviser and the associate college administrative officer sign college change petitions. (Please be aware that appointments may be necessary; start the process well in advance of the deadline.)

  • If you live on campus, remember that the housing contract is for the academic year. Contact the housing coordinator at the college to which you wish to move for space availability. Also, contact the housing coordinator at your current college to request housing contract cancellation information.

  • File the petition at the new college before the deadline stated in the Academic and Administrative Calendar. You must order a new student ID card to show the change. The card may be ordered for a fee at ID Card Services, located on first floor of the Bay Tree Bookstore Building.

Revised 10/10/12