College Change Procedure

This describes the process for continuing undergraduates to change college affiliation. If you are a new incoming first-year or transfer student and have not yet begun classes at UCSC, this process does not apply to you. 

The Change of College petition is available here. There is no charge for this petition. Once the form is submitted, it will be routed to the 1) current College Academic Manager, 2) prospective Associate Director of Res life, then 3) to Prospective College Advisor(s). 

You will receive a response from the prospective college advising office (regardless of the decision), after they review your application after the end of the current quarter.

Please note: Change of College process is for college affiliation only, it does not guarantee any changes to your housing assignment. If you currently live in university housing and wish to move to another housing area, contact your housing coordinator to discuss your options. 

File the petition by the deadline stated in the Academic and Administrative Calendar. Once approved, you should order a new student ID card to show the change at your new college office. The card may be ordered for a fee at ID Card Services, located on the first floor of the Bay Tree Bookstore Building.

Revised 03/07/24