College Change Procedure

  • This describes the process for continuing undergraduates to change college affiliation. If you are a new incoming first-year or transfer student and have not yet begun classes at UCSC, this process does not apply to you. 

  • The Change of College petition is available here. There is no charge for this petition.

  • Once the form is submitted, it will be routed to the academic adviser​, college academic program coordinator,​ and the associate ​director of the prospective college. You will receive a response from the prospective college adviser after they review your application after the end of the current quarter.

  • If you currently live in university housing and wish to move to another housing area, contact your housing coordinator to discuss your options.

  • File the petition by the deadline stated in the Academic and Administrative Calendar. Once approved, you must order a new student ID card to show the change. The card may be ordered for a fee at ID Card Services, located on the first floor of the Bay Tree Bookstore Building.

Revised 11/09/20